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Adaptors to put a bebe confort Elios car seat onto a bebe confort chassis

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littlebellsmum Sat 27-Mar-10 18:15:56

I've got an old bebe confort chasis and an Elios car seat. Now I need adaptors to link the two - does anyone know if these are the same adaptors that you woould buy to linka maxi cosi car seat to a Loola chassis or are they different?

And would anyone have any for sale!

MillyMollyMoo Sat 27-Mar-10 18:53:29

I do have some for sale as it happens but I couldn't be 100% sure they fit the Elios.

tooloudhere Sat 27-Mar-10 20:21:05

hi, they are different, can only get them on ebay now but you may have to look for a while to find them they trophy chassis ones work on the loola.

Champagneforlunch Sat 27-Mar-10 22:35:03

I might have some, won't get a chance to check till monday or tuesday though but pretty sure they are the elois ones (I got them with an everest chasis about four years ago). If they are you can have them as I'll not use them.

littlebellsmum Sun 28-Mar-10 14:05:34

Thaks for all your replys - really helpful. I did look at the holes on the car seat and thought they might be different but just want to check.

Champganeforlunch - that would be great. I can happily wait and the chassis that I have is an Everest one too , so I'm pretty certain that if you could find them, they would fit. Thank you!

Champagneforlunch Tue 06-Apr-10 11:00:14

So sorry I forgot I was supposed to be looking for these (will blame it on being pregnant and not just completly useless) but i have found them and the say they are for the Elios and everest push chair. If you still need them my email address is duffydaly at blueyonder dot co dot uk and I'll send them off.

littlebellsmum Tue 06-Apr-10 20:03:40

Champagneforlunch you are a star - I would love them and will email you seperatly. I'm blaming pregnancy for most things that are wrong with the world at the moment too - when are you due?

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