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mamas and papas sola or urbo? Any reviews?

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missytequila Fri 26-Mar-10 20:51:09

Does anyone have either of these prams? I was looking at them today and they seem ok, just wondering if anyone had any actual experience with them?

Foxc Mon 29-Mar-10 13:28:20

Hello, did you manage to get any info on these prams? I can't find any user reviews on the Urbo?

missytequila Wed 31-Mar-10 19:53:21

no, cant find any reviews or opinions... oh well have gone with the bugaboo bee now... hoping its the right choice

kerryannh Thu 20-May-10 18:47:26

i got my urbo delivered yesterday and absolutely love it! baby isnt due until august so had a play with it with my 3 year old who also had plenty of room in it (and he is quite big for his age!) i love the whole look of the urbo.. very trendy and very practical and the hood is excellent as a sun canopy...its heavier than i thought it would be but im pleased with that as i was worried it would be a bit flimsy... far from it! and the handle is adjustable unlike stated in some other reviews i have read. i have the carrycot to go with it which looks beautiful but it isnt absolutely necessary as the pushchair lies completely flat so is suitable for a newborn... just waiting for my carseat now to make the whole travel system!

NinjaTurtle Sat 22-May-10 13:26:44


I'm also interested in the Urbo, just a quick question, is the handle a decent height? It just looks quite low in the pictures on the M&P website IYSWIM, I'm 5ft.9ish, so handle height is quite important.

kerryannh Sun 23-May-10 09:28:27

im only 5ft but my hubby is around 6ft and it seems fine for him to push... it does extend quite a bit

LonMum Thu 24-Mar-11 20:35:24

I love my Urbo!! It is such a great push chair for city use: small and compact, lightweight, turns easily etc. I take it everywhere and as it is so compact it is not a hassle. I am average height, perfect for me, maybe a bit short if you are 1.80cm?

upyourdiva Fri 25-Mar-11 11:00:11

I seen a Sola yesterday in town and it looked fantastic!

Not huge but not tiny either, decent sized seat and half decent city wheels.

brillopads Fri 01-Apr-11 09:50:45

We noted the Urbo when we were in store, but then saw loads of reviews on the M&P website saying there's a problem with the front wheels locking?

there is a response from M&P to the comments, saying thy've launched a new version (9/3/2011), but I'm not sure if this is means the Urbo ELITE

BubblyBluePebbles Sun 26-Jun-11 10:24:47

I have the Urbo Elite in Black. I rang M&P Customer Services and also spoke to the staff in the store before purchasing the pushchair in January 2011 and I was assured that the previous problems with the wheels had been resolved. In addition, both the front and back wheels have suspension. My DD is 20 weeks old and we have been using the Urbo Elite since she was 2 weeks old and have not experienced any problems so far (fingers crossed!). A stylish, compact and lightweight pushchair that fits into the boot of my Mini (seat unit and chassis separated)! A lovely pushchair that ticks all the boxes grin

Tabitha8 Sun 26-Jun-11 14:56:14

I know it says on the M&P website that the Urbo has front and rear suspension, but I assumed that was an error? Last time I looked, there was only suspension on the back and it was incredibly stiff.
[Makes note to check again when next going down there].

jumpinghoops Sun 26-Jun-11 21:03:06

Thank god for you all they sorted out the wheels, I have had two Urbos and although look lovely, great hood etc. one wheel was broken completely with very light usage after 3 weeks. The second version now sticks terribly and has caused me to suddenly come to a halt when crossing a road on a few occasions. We did get ours in October 2010 though so I'm guessing the problem has been sorted.

saoirse86 Mon 27-Jun-11 11:56:17

My DP and I loved the look of the Urbo when we were looking in December 2010 but saw some reviews (like here) and were put off. Then I also found that in the 2 M&P stores nearby the urbos on display had problems with the front wheels locking and handle not fixing properly so I was completely put off. I still really love the look of it and would consider it in the future if they have fixed those problems. It really is a shame they hadn't sorted the problems sooner or we definitely would've bought it. sad

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