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Pram rental help please

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shinybaubles Mon 22-Mar-10 18:59:18

Can anyone recommend a pram rental place, I have found a few online but they only seem to rent small buggies and I have a 2 month old. I am currently living in Belgium and will be coming to visit sis and bil in London and will be unable to bring my pram with me, so was hoping to be able to rent a pram with carrycot for the 5 days we will be there. Any suggestions welcome...or ideas

nicm Mon 22-Mar-10 22:38:43

maybe try here, found them on google and they seem to have prams too.

there are a few with links on here.

carrielou2007 Tue 23-Mar-10 09:43:10

I can't do links but so this either for monthly rental or holiday. Closest thing would be a bugaboo bee if you don't want a stroller.

Why can't you bring your pram with you? If it folds in two parts you can use a travel bag for it to keep it safe on a plane? I know I borrowed my friends mac xt when dd was 10 weeks and though I like as a stroller I also only like babies in proper lie flat carrycots- they can then also sleep in them at night.

shinybaubles Tue 23-Mar-10 09:45:19

Thanks for the links will have a look, can't bring buggy as will have a rather large golden retriever in the boot and no space for my lovely pram, we are coming by train.

mamaloop Thu 09-May-13 21:30:23

I know this is old but for anyone that might be looking, I used - you can rent most of the big brands. I got an out n about double for my two for a couple of weeks. It was so good we bought one when we were done.

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