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First Wheels City Twin, Easy Walker Duo or the unknown Britax B?? Anyone got any of these?

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Gilliana1 Wed 10-Feb-10 18:19:07

I've been looking at the above buggies. (For 15 month old and new born).

I was interested in the first two as they seem to take a pram and toddler seat. Does anyone have one? Any experience? They are so costly and I already made a mistake with my useless Mamas and Papas single pram ... don't want to make a mistake with my double!!

Thank you

(am interested in one that has pram as my first born went blue and stopped breathing with SIDS and I want to put a breathing monitor at base of pram for DS2 for first few months as am so worried it will happen again and can't watch them constantly!)

weddingcake Wed 10-Feb-10 20:43:01

I have the easy walker and absolutely love it. If you do a search on here I'm sure you'll find me raving about it. Heavy to lift in and out of the car on a regular basis but sooooo light to push. Although it looks bulky it can fit through the majority of single doors.

It can also take a maxi cosi car seat. Any specific questions ask away.

Gilliana1 Wed 10-Feb-10 21:35:09

Brilliant to find someone that has one!

Do you know whether you can have the carrycot oneside and the toddler seat facing you (on the website pictures it always has the toddler seat facing outwards if that makes sense!)?

Also, any ideas whether the matress of the carrycot comes out or is it all glued in? (i.e. can I get my breathing mat underneath?).

Thanks so much!! (What colour do you have?!)

weddingcake Thu 11-Feb-10 21:16:09

There I was thinking I was an easy walker expert but unfortunately I never had the carrycot (summer baby so I just lay it flat and put a sheepskin in) so can't help you there.

One of the great things about it though as opposed to a double mountain buggy or nipper is that the hoods are separate so i was able to put a single shade a babe over the baby and not annoy my toddler with it.

Seats are forward facing only unless they've brought out a new model so might not work for you if you want your toddler to face you.

Do go and try it out though because it's such a dream to push. I also borrowed a friend's phil and teds for a holiday and for ease of use there was no contest and I much preferred my baby in the nice roomy easy walker seat.

At the end of the day there is no perfect double buggy but Easy Walker definitely wins a prize for ease of pushing which really mattered to me as my poor body recovered from pregnancy spd!

weddingcake Thu 11-Feb-10 21:17:11

Oh and mine's dull dull dull black - a friend bought it in the States for us and that was all he could find - or so he told me!

shatteredmumof5 Thu 11-Feb-10 22:09:24

I too have an easywalker!!! The matress does indeed come out, is not glued so would be great!!! Would also recommend it

nicm Fri 12-Feb-10 09:39:22

have you looked at the teutonia double? i have the single spirit s3 and love it. it sounds just like what you're looking for, is all terrain and faces you and you can get a carrycot for the baby. is heavy to lift but so light to push.

asuwere Mon 15-Feb-10 13:18:02

I have a First Wheels City Twin. Mattress does come out of carrycot and the toddler seat can face you. I love it and it is so easy to push! It is quite bulky when folded - well, the chassis is compact but then you also have the carrycot and seat so is a lot of bits. I have a twin umbrella fold buggy for car so never have to fold the pram though I definately recommend it and it does fit through most doorways which is always good for a double!

Good luck

KellyCornes Sun 28-Nov-10 19:06:55

I was interested in the First Wheels City Twin pushchair and wondering if you can attach a car seat to the chassis?

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