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Silvercross Fizz - morrck hoodie, pupabag or what?

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aendr Thu 14-Jan-10 17:25:52

Hi, I have a Silvercross Fizz and basically want something better than a standard blanket to keep my little one's legs warm - he's 14 months in 9-12 months clothes, and I am bound to use this for the next baby too. I've already got a buggy-snuggle for up to 6 months old though.

So, I was pondering The Morrck baby hoodie - but will the end drag on the floor the way my blankets do occasionally? Or is perhaps the Pupabag a better option, perhaps even a waterproof one? Or is there something you know of which is even better? Ideally I'd like something which will do Spring and Autumn, not just the recent worst of the weather - I can always add a blanket inside, but it's much harder to take away!

elk4baby Thu 14-Jan-10 18:39:11

Have you looked at something like a Wallaboo footmuff?

MrsBadger Thu 14-Jan-10 18:52:08

just get a Buggysnuggle in a larger size?

The Wallaboo stuff is lovely though, have bought the hooded blanket as a present several times, feels very plush. Not sure how long the footmuff would last though - looks quite short

nicolamumof3 Thu 14-Jan-10 19:30:24

wallaboo's are quite long possibly too long for such a small stroller as are pupabags.

aendr Thu 14-Jan-10 21:37:24

Actually, I should have said "Babysnuggle" - the one for younger babies, with arms. So, yes, a Buggysnuggle is an option - and one I should have looked into, thanks MrsB. But, I am wondering about what fits on a short stroller. Wallaboos look pricey too.

freakybabe2 Fri 12-Jul-13 11:04:03

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