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Pram Repairs, South West London

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sasu Sat 12-Dec-09 13:16:38


Does anyone out there have any details of someone in the south west London area who fixes prams? We have a pram which needs some slight repairs. I've done a few searches on the internet and asked around local businesses but keep drawing blanks.

buggyjo Sat 12-Dec-09 14:22:49

hi,wot make of pram is it?maclaren do repairs in maidenhead and alot cheaper than mothercare for repairs.

SleighGirl Sat 12-Dec-09 14:30:08

Yes there is a place in Twickenham, out the back on an independent nursery shop.

SleighGirl Sat 12-Dec-09 14:31:23

Barnes Buggy Repair Centre Prams
Tel: 07946 870958| within Happicraft, 46-48, London Rd, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 3RJ

sasu Sat 12-Dec-09 20:36:55

it is silver cross,,

AsadTay Wed 13-Oct-10 16:41:44 - I used them and they are really professional and reasonably priced too. They cleaned my pushchair which now looks brand new. Highly recommend them.

sansblague Sat 14-May-11 21:33:29

I think Buggy Pitstop is absolutely THE WORST. They held on to one of my prams for two months and seem to have lost it - then found it - then told me it couldn't be repaired (issue was squeaky wheels on Bug Bee). I just sent in my Maclaren Quest for a tune-up and they didn't do any of the things I asked them to do. They're totally disorganized and always seem to have lost your buggy, then it miraculously turns up - but you have to work their schedule, not yours. They're nice enough guys, though. All of the vendors that work with them seem to have terrible things to say about this service and how unhappy the customers are when they come into their shops to pick up the buggies. The shop in Chiswick says Buggy Pitstop makes them look bad - they're right.

mumbecca Mon 12-Sep-11 11:39:24

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

01Raquel Mon 19-Dec-11 16:53:24

I agree Buggy Pit Stop are terrible, I didnt even get to find out how bad their service was after sitting in for 2 days waiting for a pick up then 4 phone calls and 3 emails later I eventually got through to one of the rudest people I have ever spoken to who seemed inconvenienced with me wanting to give them some business. I would rather carry my baby around than use them!!

mani83 Thu 28-Jun-12 13:30:07

01 Raquel was it the man you had to phone to arrange courier? I'm
Waiting on my parcel to be collected but the man I was told to call for courier was so rude

johanna77 Mon 06-Oct-14 19:36:21

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

CustomBugaboo Fri 20-Nov-15 16:24:38

Hey all, my name is Charley. I am not a professional servicer of pushchairs, but I do know how to do a service on the Bugaboo Bee's and Cam's. I have done 2 each of Bee 1, Bee 2, Frogs and Cam 1s. I have then sold most of them on, and each one sold has had praise of how nice and clean they look.

When was the last time you lifted the front or rear of your pushchair and span a wheel, and it just kept spinning and spinning for more than 10 seconds?

I stripped down the front wheels on the Bees and Frogs and Cams, to get all that hair off from around the axles and bearings, lubed the bearings and put all back together, and the same with the rear wheels.

If you look at the fronts, some have the plain dome caps, which some people would reckon are a pain to get off but if you know what you are doing, can be done, and reused, same for the Frog and Cam rears.

I have lubed all the pivot joints of the frame collapse mechanism, changed the brake cables on Frogs and Cam's, done the Bee handle bar clamps, and changed the handlebar foams too.

If anyone near me would like a service on their Bug Bee 1/+, Frog or Cam, I can do this for you. I know I'm not registered or anything, just a regular Joe, but when you see my own Cam and Bee+, you'll see how well kept they are.

I am in Hayes, Middlesex. The train station is literally 20 secs walk from me. Hayes And Harlington. If you'd like the wheels serviced, that's 20 for both front and rear, for a full service, wheels cleaned and lubed, frame cleaned and lubed, brake check, handle bar check, then that will be 40. For any other jobs, it will start from 5 for the handlebar clamp replacement and upwards depending on the job.

I also have some customisation bits for the Bee+/3.

My e:mail is

bugabooservice Tue 15-Dec-15 09:48:16

Hi everyone, sorry for the late replies to those that sent me e:mails about repairs, internets been dodgy for a couple of days. If you don't get a reply, you can cal me on my mobile number, 07803-388-888. Charley.

Rosielovi Wed 13-Apr-16 17:33:47

Today 17:30 Rosielovi

I took my pram there to be fixed and they've
actually have broken it and are now claiming somehow they didn't touch it,

I'm getting the feeling the are just a bunch of rip off merchants who think they're on to a good thing knowing women take pride in there prams,
The man actually offered me £100 for my year ok bugaboo donkey! I was shocked at how upfront they were about ripping people off,
Also just nasty and rude, I got the feeling I was going to be ripped off as soon as I stepped foot in there and they excelled themselves!

Artandco Wed 13-Apr-16 17:36:10

Buggy pit stop were great for us, collectted pram from house, repaired and bought back 2 days later

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