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Sold iCandy Apple, have Maclaren - need another!?

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LittleMissWorryHead Sat 07-Nov-09 10:39:35

Hey all smile

Have sold me beloved iCandy Apple to pay for christmas - we got an excellent price for it so I am not too miserable...

We have a Maclaren Quest that we bought for DS1 which is now 5 years old - this is fine for everyday (seems a bit small after apple though!) I have bought a lovely buggy snuggle which improves it greatly!

But i like my country walks - I want a second hand one that will be kept in the garage for such things - any suggestions? What is decent but sells cheap on ebay?!

OR would it be better to just get a second hand Maclaren Techno and use it for everything?!

Thanks in advance

Little Mrs A Little Bit Gutted I Have Sold My Pushchair wink

LittleMissWorryHead Sat 07-Nov-09 16:34:09

Maybe I just don't need another one...Wouldn't mind though wink

meep Sat 07-Nov-09 16:46:23

what about a Mothercare Urban Detour 3 wheeler - I inherited one and it is great for walks. Think they sell for about £50 on my local Guntree?

LittleMissWorryHead Sun 08-Nov-09 19:57:46

Thanks, just got one on ebay for £20 - ) Bargain!!!

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