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Bugaboo footmuffs are a stupid price - help me find an alternative?

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sushistar Sat 07-Nov-09 09:51:49

I just got a bugaboo bee for DS2 due in Jan. I am not going to pay a stupid amount for the bugaboo footmuff or babynest - even 2nd had they are way expensive - so I want a footmuff in black / khaki that will be snug enough for a newborn, and I can sell it when he gets big enough and buy a 'proper' footmuff that will fit him and DS1 (who is 2 but small for his age).

Daisypod Sat 07-Nov-09 15:11:44

Custom Made is the way to go IMO. No where near as expensive as the official ones and you get exactly what you want and you will never soshbugsee another like it when out!
The best places I have used are Chunkle Munkle, Poshbugs and Snunkie.
I have had some lovely ones made and I always get comments about how nice they are when out.

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