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Tandem vs. Inline for a Double? Best Tandems? (And while we're at it, has anyone got/had a Mountain Buggy Double?

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swottybetty Wed 04-Nov-09 22:36:58

I think the title says it all?

LOVE my Vibe. But <can't believe I'm writing this after spending so much money on it> am wondering whether a tandem might be nicer for my younger kid (currently 5mo in doubles seat at back).

knew i'd get a P&T even before i concieved, but now thinking about selling it for a tandem.

i have been put off by them before mainly cause of the way they look (though Mountain Buggy seems very flash). and also cause of the width (MB apparently only 5cm wider than normal buggy)


Meglet Wed 04-Nov-09 22:43:35

I have both. A P&T sport, not great for long walks or getting anywhere fast, but great for trips to small GP's surgeries and toddler groups.

Then we also have the Mothercare urban detour 3 -wheeler double, which I love (and assume is like the moutain buggy double). It's far easier to push and steer and we can fly along, more shopping space underneath and yes, the dc's look adorable sitting next to each other. I use it for trips to town and the supermarket.

I'm able to keep both of them which makes life easier and we use whatever is best on the day. Storage is a bugger though with two of them.

swottybetty Wed 04-Nov-09 22:48:12

meglet, can you get round aisles in shops with the tandem?

Meglet Wed 04-Nov-09 23:01:13

In most shops, yes. Although I avoid shopping at weekends when it's busy, I don't think I'd be too popular blocking the aisles! Unless it's a small, boutique-y shop I haven't had any problems. Womens clothes stores seem to be a bit cramped but if it stops me spending money then I see it as a good thing!

Before I bought mine I collared a lady in sainsburys who was pushing one and she said she hadn't had many access problems either. Maybe you need to spot someone in town and check with them.

10poundstogo Wed 04-Nov-09 23:25:51

measure the width of your front door opening,(not just the width of the door) look at the width of the doubles and see what ones will fit (unless you have somewhere dry to load and unlaod on rainly days). I really wanted a double so DC's could both see out and be side by side but couldn't find one that would go thru front door of my victorian house. Ended up with a P&T which seems a bit heavy and faffy after a bugaboo for DC1, but has actually been fine. Getting them out of pram and folding up to get into the house would have been a bugger in pissing rain tho.

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