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|P&T - toddler weight question

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tostaky Wed 28-Oct-09 14:41:41

My DS will be 15 months when this one is due. But my DS (11 months) is already 12kg (but not walking yest so he might lose?) and on the leaflet in mothercare it says that the P&T is ok to use up to 15kg
so say that by the time DS turns 2, he is 15kg, then i wont be able to use the p&T? or will i be able to use the P&T longer bc DS will lose weight as he starts to walk?
because it is quite an investment for only 6 months otherwise....
The only reason i need a double puschair is because of naps, yes? otherwise i could get a buggy board?

hope i make sense... Thanks!

TheBlairSnitchProject Wed 28-Oct-09 14:52:02

That seems like a very low I got the instruction book that came with my new P&T (only got it last week) and that says "..buggy in single or baby and toddler configuration is intended for chidren up to 4 years or maximum weight of 40kg/88lbs and height of 1m or 3.3feet. In the double configuration the recommended max load is 25kg/55lbs in front seat and 15kg/33lbs in rear seat"

Typed verbatim from the book..

So if you have the doubles kit then your DS should be able to ride in the front until he is 25kg or baby is over 15kg which should be a while....

tostaky Wed 28-Oct-09 15:07:19

Thanks for that! The mothercare leaflet is probably wrong then!
I did ask an assistant and he said it seemed wrong bc in the streets you see lots of older children in P&T but then again difficult to guess the weight.

TheBlairSnitchProject Wed 28-Oct-09 15:16:41

No problem. I love my new P&T, I hope if you get one, that you love it too

15kg is the max weight for the doubles seat, maybe that's where the confusion came up?

Booklet is on the desk now if you need any more info...

Have just realised that my 2.7 year old is already 95cms tall though so I'm not sure he'll make it to 4 in the P&T!! He's grown 2 of those cms in the past 6 weeks to I'm hoping his growth spurt is over for a little while! shock

gruber Fri 30-Oct-09 18:26:46

If you are planning on using the P&T for naps for your DS, do you know the top seat doesn't recline (AFAIK?) Have you seen it in newborn and toddler mode and tried your DS in it?

TheBlairSnitchProject Fri 30-Oct-09 19:32:37

The doubles seat does recline a little on the new Sport models. Not sure about the others.

Not by a lot but it's not upright. There is a zip on thier side of the seat to release the extra fabric.

An older E3 wouldn't recline at all.

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