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HELP me with pushchair for baby abroad - please! (before I go mad!)

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questions2008 Wed 28-Oct-09 01:42:12

I'm spending all my time going back and forth trying to decide what to do for a 2 weeks trip to visit relatives abroad. I have a Q Buzz which I'm happy with and would be great to have it me but really can't risk having it damaged enroute, so have been looking into getting a 2nd buggy, but can't decide which one!

I've read the Petite Star Zia folds easily and is light but then it's rickety and recline thingy isnt so great to adjust, doesn't sit upright? Sounds like DS could end up slumping in it. The BJCM looks good but is a bit expensive, even on Ebay.

BTW, DS will be 5 months old so just want something that will be most comfortable for him and lies quite flat so he can sleep in it as we will be going to dinner quite a bit which will be his sleep time.

Looked into buying a new cheapy pushchair like M&P Nipi/Pipi, but these umbrella folds don't look comfortable, so considering buying a more substantial one 2nd hand/ebay. Any suggestions for best buggy to go with? Oh, budget is around 60 pounds.

Eeks, longer post than I intended, if you're still here - thanks!! grin I can't believe I'm stressing so much over a buggy , arrrghh!!

malfoy Wed 28-Oct-09 01:46:52

We bought a Maclaren Techno XT to go on holiday when DS was 6 months. He slept in it every evening when we went out to dinner and often had daytime naps in there too.

It was quite expensive but is still going strong 5 years and one child later.

basl Wed 28-Oct-09 11:52:09

I had the very same problem. I spent months thinking about this. In the end i went for the cosatto diablo banzai. It's not the most talked about buggy but my main requirement was that it was comfy for my 1year old to lie in while asleep while out and about. The cosatto is a very robust pushchair and to be honest i nearly bought the mac xt as they look fantastic. I am glad i never as i am so fussy about fading and how it would handle all the sund cream and stuff on holday. If you are not wanting to spend a fortune i could pass on to you for £60.00 posted.

It has only been used on fortnight holiday in tenerife and cost £120.00 which was a bargain as they are around £150 +. I used a shade a babe on it and it was perfect. I did consider the bjcm which i loved but no leg rest but the hood is fab as with the xt. I was more interested in comfort for my little one. It folds easily and there was no problem taking it up to the gate and collected of the same area as the suitcase. Small fold was not the main concern for me.

I understand if this is not for you but thought i might mention. goodl luck

nicm Wed 28-Oct-09 12:27:56

hi we got a maclaren techno xt and a travel bag for going away when ds was 6 months. i would have taken my big pram but i couldn't fit it into the phil and teds buggy bag i had from a friend. is worth the travel bag i think as you can put all the extra stuff in it at the airport and only take the bare essentials on the flight and also protect your buggy. ours had a rip in the bag when we returned from the netherlands in the summer.

questions2008 Wed 28-Oct-09 19:18:10

thanks for your replies. basl, is it this one you have ??

is the seat comfy enough for baby? do u have pics?

basl Thu 29-Oct-09 11:45:12

Hi yes it is. My dd was 1year and 2mth so i would say maybe a liner head hugger insert for your baby. I thought it looked very comfy for my ds because it is like a little bed when reclined. Def the widest seat out rather like the size of the mac xlr. I also have the matching mosq net brand new i could give you. Padded liners are really easy to come by on ebay and will make more comfy. thanks

pecanpie Thu 29-Oct-09 12:09:32

We got a chicco winter london stroller for our travels this year (city break and beach hol). When we went on our first trip with it, we were told by one of the cabin crew (who turned out to be in charge) that it would fit in the overhead lockers and was narrow enough to push down the aisle - there's a sticker on the side which tells you this apparently (it's in the boot of my car at the moment and can't remember what the sticker looks like sorry). It also comes with a foot muff. I normally use a Bugaboo for going out and about on foot from home, but we still use the chicco stroller for anything requiring a car journey. Only criticism is the way that the footmuff fits into it - it doesn't zip in so can slip down a bit.

rusmum Sat 31-Oct-09 10:57:34

i have a mamas and papas kato on sale board- bit more substantial than very basic buggy. lies flat and has leg rest too- used less than a week!

questions2008 Sat 31-Oct-09 19:09:21

thanks for your offers basl and rusmum.

rusmum, is the kato comfortable, do you think, for a 5 month baby? just had a look at M&P website and they are now half price at £60, so would be interested in adding it to my shortlist.

I've also spotted this Hauck Escape, going cheap at £40 (??) at Kiddicare, any experience, come with zipped in mosquito net which would be useful where I'm going.

or the Chicco Winter London for similar price to the Kato £60, ??

or even this Safety 1st on offer at Boots for £50 001_Link1&cm_sp=Only_50_pounds_Safety_1st_Teknika_pushchair-_-211009_171109-_-C9001_Link1 ??

anyone tried these other ones.

rusmum Sat 31-Oct-09 19:27:42

yes in my opinion they are a comfy stroller- i love it and would keep it if it fit in my boot- i have a new very small car! didnt realise they were now on at half. if you want it i will take 40 and split courier cost?? (

questions2008 Sat 31-Oct-09 20:20:51

i might try to pop in to m&p to try it out first and will let you know once ive decided if yours is still available, thanks.

CarmelaDeAngelis Mon 02-Nov-09 01:38:12

micralite fastfold - it has a bit of a recline - it is light and would be useful in the long-run.

Techno xt - is very comfy and the sunshade fits forward well on the new model.

Zapp is better built than the petite star IMO - but won't suit your needs right now as no lieback - unless you're bringing a car seat to clip onto the frame!

I'd say a 2nd hand loola - if the weight wouldn't be an issue - that way you can have your baby facing you if you like - and it's very comfy for a baby too!

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