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buggyjo Mon 26-Oct-09 23:21:57

hi ladys im sure someone on here can help me,when was the snowflake logo for bugaboo replaced with the new one??
bought a classic bug and assumed it was at least 7+years old,but ones on ebay bein 3 years old,have i got myself a bargin??

horsemadgal Tue 27-Oct-09 13:15:23

Def more than 3 years ago, I'm sure the Frog was discontinued about 3 years ago.

buggyjo Tue 27-Oct-09 22:54:15

thanks horsemadgal,very interesting,maybe mine wasnt a megga bargin,but im still very happy with it,would you know were i could get the front wheels with the brakes on from,i do already have two spares,but not sure if its ment to have both with brakes on or only one,iyswim?

horsemadgal Tue 27-Oct-09 23:50:42

Bugaboo spares here:
But try eBay first as expensive. Cam wheels fit fine.

I didn't know the front wheels had brakes on them??

buggyjo Wed 28-Oct-09 00:17:35

thanks horsemadgal,did wonder about cam wheels fitting,but then wouldnt know wot to do about brake,have to admit it is a pain having it on the front wheel!

lockets Wed 28-Oct-09 00:19:33

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 28-Oct-09 00:22:25

brakes on the front wheels are first models. def well over 5years old, probably 7yrs+.

SparklyGothKat Wed 28-Oct-09 00:23:23

the original frogs had brakes on the wheels rather than on the frame, not sure where they were though.

buggyjo Wed 28-Oct-09 00:26:01

i hadnt either,i couldnt work out were it was,the white clip on front wheels flips over and holds the wheel,ive just seen another one the same on ebay,i think they must be old,though that one says its a very confussing.

buggyjo Wed 28-Oct-09 00:28:43

oh misdee another person i can pin down and question,would you know if the cam or frog hoods fit it??

misdee Wed 28-Oct-09 00:33:36

should do. but not 100% sure.

buggyjo Wed 28-Oct-09 00:38:04

thanks misdee,i can have evan more fun looking for a hood now,just wish hubby understood!!

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