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Bebecar Vector Duo Tandem

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jumblies Sat 24-Oct-09 23:11:13

anyone know what these are like? I'm still hovering over what tandem pushchair to get for a newborn and 2 yr 3month old who is quite light and small (and lazy)

I keep thinking I should get a phil and teds but don't like the idea of one getting stuck with no view underneath.

I hate making these expensive decisions!!

mamadiva Sun 25-Oct-09 00:49:51

I have had a shot of the single Vector and it is very good but not one for lifting in and out of car but great for walking.

I like the double but would imagine it would be very heavy with a toddler in.

Totally with you on the Phil n teds thing (I always feel sorry for the one in the back if the one in front farts )!

Do you have a single at the moment? Could you maybe buy a toddler step and see if he/she would stand on it whilst pushing around or try a sling?

Just not sure if it's worth having an expensive double for a 2YO. If you would like one though the double nipper 360 is fantastic and lightweight as long as you don't want a rear facer, I find it easy to push with my 3YO twin sisters in!

jumblies Sun 25-Oct-09 09:53:53

thanks mamadiva, my friend has an out and about nipper and I love it but the bucket seats are no good for my toddler who likes to sit upright all the time. I'm sure a buggy board is fine for small trips but I'm worried about long days out and when I need to be out all day, toddler will be knackered and cranky with nowhere to sit. Not sure I want to have the baby permanently attached to me all day either hmm

sazm Mon 26-Oct-09 17:03:30

personally i would go for a second hand phil and teds,
once you use it you will be converted!only if you walk lots and would get good use from it though,
if not i would just get a cheap double ( i have a mac twin traveller and found it great with a 10mo and a 5yo in it on holiday!)for days out/holidays,

i would also have a single pram with a buggy board,as i wouldnt use a phil and teds for just the newborn,but its fab as a double

jumblies Mon 26-Oct-09 17:54:36

thanks sazm, think I will get a phil and teds and use a buggy board for short trips.

letsblowthistacostand Mon 26-Oct-09 17:57:37

Is totally worth it to get a double if you walk a lot, esp if DC1 sleeps in the pushchair. Have come to terms with the fact that neither of my DDs are going to be reliable walkers until they're 5 or so and got a P&T for a 3.5yo and a 15mo! It's great at this point, DD1 loves the back seat, very cozy and DD2 loves to be nosy in the front.

I carried DD2 in a mei tai for the first few months and used a single. Might be easier to buy after the DC2 arrives, then you can try them both in it and see what works.

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