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Stokke xplory question - carrycot/light or normal sleeping bag?

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donttrythisathome Sat 24-Oct-09 16:41:06


I'm due my first baby in early March and am going to get a Stokke Xplory as I love them!

I was wondering if I would need the carrycot or if the pushchair on full recline will do.

Also, if I do get the carrycot, do you think I should get the heavy or light sleeping bag? Hopefully the weather will be getting warmer from March and I'm worried the heavy sleeping bag is too heavy for spring/summer.

And will I need a footmuff for the pushchair?


Megglevache Sat 24-Oct-09 16:46:35

Dont' get the foot muff very ££££ for what it is- I would rather spend the money on a UV shade- worth every penny in the summer.

I used a normal one for when mine were little and then I used a fleece blacket (with slits in it for the harness)

I think with the carry cot again you could just use one of the many blankets which will be goven to you when baby arrives grin

It's worth looking on e bay as you can get some good bargains.

I'm going to sell mine on there soon!

NK74deb112X1248871389a Sat 24-Oct-09 22:54:46


I got a good deal on my Stokke at with a package of all the extras. My baby was born in June so we haven't needed to use any of the warm stuff till now. We used a regular blanket on the pushchair but have just started to use the footmuff. The footmuff is lovely, thick and snuggly but only really of use now that it is getting colder. That said I am glad I have got it as I think it will get lots of use in the winter.

Like the footmuff, the sleeping has a very thick fleece lining which would probably be too warm unless going out with baby in the winter months.

I have used the Stokke a lot more with the pushchair as opposed to the carrycot and with hindsight probably wouldn't have bothered to buy the carrycot. This was however mainly due to the fact that my baby was really difficult to settle and wouldn't last more than 10/15mins out and about. Now she is older (4 months) she likes being a bit more sat up in the pushchair and can happily sit in it for hours.

I am really pleased I chose the Stokke as it is so easy to push around and with baby up high you can enjoy lots of eye contact and don't have to worry about dogs, fumes etc.

Just be warned I feel slightly put out that I get more comments and compliments about the Stokke than I do my baby! grin

JeMeSouviens Sat 24-Oct-09 23:06:26

You'll find the recline on the chair and the baby insert are enough and you won't need the carrycot at all. I did buy the footmuff, but you won't need that for awhile, so you could put off buying it til later.

donttrythisathome Sun 25-Oct-09 12:07:53


When you say "normal one" did you mean you used the light or heavy sleeping bag with the carrycot or did you mean something else?

Did you find the carrycot useful then?

Thanks again.

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