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Oh I am so cross! My MB is still broken : (

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Frrrightattendant Sat 24-Oct-09 08:56:02

I've been dealing with possibly the most lovely, helpful and sensible retailer in history (Chariots) as the brake hasn't been working properly since I got the buggy new in Feb.
At first it was just a bit hard to disengage, but it got worse and worse until it was sticking every time I used it, and finally would not disengage at all. It also would self-apply randomly which could be really dangerous if it happened in the middle of a road, as it stops you short.

This is the Mountain buggy urban elite btw.

I was asked to sent it back to the new distributors, Out and About, who would have a look and repair it.

Buggy arrived back Thursday, nearly 2 weeks after sending it off. (not retailer's fault at all but there is a backlog at O&A)

It still doesn't work.sad They have filed the plastic bits that hold the brake bar in place, so that now not only does it not disengage, but you can't even put the bloody thing on.

I've been assured by the retailer that it will be sorted out but am so fed up. I had huge faith in MB as a brand and had an old one that worked fine.

Can anyone reassure me that it'll be Ok? Have asked for a replacement frame as they also managed to make a nick in the handlebar covering while it was in their care, the buggy is just unuseable at the moment. Do you think this is reasonable? I'll keep all the seating and wheels etc obviously from the old one.


Frrrightattendant Sat 24-Oct-09 08:58:08

I don't mean it's unuseable because of the nick! But brake is currently jammed on entirely.

I really hoped that buying a new one would offset any potential problems with second hand but doesn't appear to be so.

I'd be pushing for a complete replacement. if you just have a frame then the other parts you already have are going to wear out at a faster rate than the frame aren't they?

If you check your rights with TS then I think you'd find you have allowed them the opportunity to put it right and it's not worked, in fact made it completely unuseable, so you should be entitled to replacement or refund as goods are not fit for purpose.

or something.

sasamaxx Sat 24-Oct-09 09:07:15

And it is the retailer who has to refund you - it is their responsibility at the end of the day - sale of goods act 1979

Frrrightattendant Sat 24-Oct-09 09:17:09

Thanks. Am hoping retailer will get refunded by distributor though as it isn't their fault.

I hope by accepting a repair I haven't forfeited my rights to a replacement/refund?

I'd be happy with a new frame, haven't even used it that much so it is still in good cond. but will see what they say. I guess supplying a new frame isn't going to be much different to supplying a whole new buggy, seeing as they come as a kit and I don't think parts are available on their own.

Should I not ahve accepted a repair? Bit worried now, it does have 3 year warranty but there was a q over the bar having possible been bent? by me? which is nonsense because a) it wasn't bent (not visibly anyway), b) I hadn't done anything to it to cause it to bend, c) if it was that flimsy it could be damagd by everyday use it's crap anyway, and d) they claim to have done something to the bar themselves, which I can't tell, as it still isn't working.

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