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Advice re: rear facing lightweight pushchair for 12 month old

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ivedoneitnow Tue 20-Oct-09 23:14:39

Im in need of a rear facing lightweight pushchair. I have a bugaboo but my Mum wants something she can take my little one out in. She hates forward facing, so I was looking at the Jane Solo Reverse... never seen one in the flesh... I have also considered Streety and Chicco for Me, but both look really flimsy.
I want something that will fold in one piece,not two, like the Bugaboo cameleon, and is of sturdy frame... Any suggestions Mumsnetters???

horsemadgal Tue 20-Oct-09 23:44:19

Bugaboo Bee?

sazm Wed 21-Oct-09 00:00:50

the chicco for me and streety are both really flimsy,i had narrowed my choice down to those 2 then seen them in RL and didnt like them,
i ended up with a loola up,and its fab,

CarmelaDeAngelis Tue 27-Oct-09 05:46:15

I was looking for something similar too and just ordered the loola from Kiddicare. They have an 08 version with a big discount. I needed one small enough to go in our zafira boot, with all seats up. (We have 4 kids). I don't think it's particularly light at 10kg but it will fold in rear facing set up.

ivedoneitnow Mon 02-Nov-09 23:52:19

Anybody got the Jane Solo Reverse??????

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