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Baby Zezu Prammette

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SuziPK Mon 19-Oct-09 20:07:34

Hello! Looking for some advice on the OBaby Zezu Pramette. Been to see in a shop and seems to tick all of the boxes for what I'm looking for however, can't seem to find many reviews for it. There are a few on kiddicare but they seem to be from people who have bought but their babies haven't arrived yet so not really tried and tested. Main concerns are that its a little wobbley in the carrycot mode, not sure on the straps being under where the baby lies. Also the pram itself seems to sit very low. Any advice would be very much appreciated!!! Its my our first child so all this is very new.....

sazm Mon 19-Oct-09 21:02:40

i havent used one,but i did see someonw with one the other day,looked nice, but baby seemed to be very low and far down from the person pushing(esp it you are tall)

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