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New pushchair needed - list of requirements, any suggestions?

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Wilkiepedia Sat 17-Oct-09 08:11:43

Needs to be:

Lightweight, easy to steer but not cheapy flimsy
Come with footmuff
Be able to attach basic buggyboard to
Recline well (it is for my 4 month old)
No more than £100

Am selling my Silver Cross 3D as it is too heavy with my toddler attached to buggy board on it and hard to steer when he's on it.

HELP - I utterly hate loathe and detest buggy shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mamaloco Sat 17-Oct-09 13:05:01

I always like maclaren (had the triumph one 70 pounds on "glasgow pram company" over the net). Don't have footmuff but rain cover. My little one was sitting at 4 months, it may be a bit too early for you? as the seat doesn't lay completly flat. Best I tried for steering, lightness, practibility and life expectancy.
If you are smallish (I am 5'8, it is too low for me, it's breaking my back) you can try Gracco they might have what you are looking for (including footmuff), not sure if they fits buggy boards though. If you are taller I think Chicco have higher pushchairs for good prices too. Have a snoop at they do have detailled notes about prams with dimensions, fittings....So you can have a good idea of what you want, before shopping!
I have been looking at prams like a maniac in the street since pg with DD2 and still trying to make my mind blush, i.e. "this one is too low", 'unstable", "that lady seems to have huge trouble to go on and off the curb"... I might start a new post as well, good luck!

pebbles79 Sat 17-Oct-09 23:30:33

I'd go for a Hauck Infinity - works brilliantly with a buggy board.

Wilkiepedia Sun 18-Oct-09 08:26:38

Pebbles - I had a basic Hauck which I really don't like but will google the Infinity.

Mamloco - thanks for the detailed info! I am 5ft 1 so defo in the short arse bracket!! grin

pebbles79 Sun 18-Oct-09 09:54:52

I've had a basic Hauck too and they feel very cheap but I've had about 16 prams in the last 18 months and the Infinity is the one that lasted the longest.

rusmum Sun 18-Oct-09 14:28:03

buy my kate pushchair- wink it is all the above but doesnt have a footmuff- any universal one would work though. or a buggy snuggle. Lies completely flat too only £40 (own courier)

Wilkiepedia Sun 18-Oct-09 18:42:54

Rusmum - have googled Kate Pushchair but cannot find. IS that the make??

rusmum Sun 18-Oct-09 18:52:37

lol KATO my spelling/typing ia awful!!!!!! pic on for sale board

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