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Phil and Ted double

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Gangle Fri 16-Oct-09 12:15:03

What is the latest model and which would you recommend? Currently have the Bugaboo Bee for DS 18 months who will be 2 when DS2 arrives. Want something easy to use and get in and out of shops/as slim-line as possible. Thanks

SkinnyLattePlease Sat 17-Oct-09 05:28:06

We've just bought the Sport version. Haven't actually used it yet, but we have found that the brake is really stiff. Hoping that it will ease up with use. We are heading out to use it later on today, so will let you know how it goes.

SkinnyLattePlease Sat 17-Oct-09 09:18:37

Well, the sport was smooth and easy to use. We did find it a bit of faff to build, but once I read the instructions properly we got it sortedwink.
It was smooth to walk with (our previous Valco pram had a tendency to wander where it wanted!), turned easily and DH said it was a pleasure to push.
Brake is still a bit stiff - I suppose so that the child in the rear seat can't disengage it.
All in all we are really happy with it, especially since we got a good deal on it at a Baby & Kids' Expogrin

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