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Baby Jogger City Mini...........How easy is it to push one handed? Come and convince me I NEED to buy one!

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LatinDAISYcal Tue 13-Oct-09 09:52:58

DD is walking more and more so no need for my double anymore. I have a little chicco for the back of the car but when DS is in it I cannot hold DD's hand and push it at the same time as it has a mind of it's own and is aggravating my RSI in my wrist.

How easy is the BJCM to push, and more importantly steer with one hand? We have a to cross a few roads on the way back from school and I need something that isn't going to go veering off on it's own in the middle of a busy road while I try and grapple with DD's hand.

I roadtested the double and was impressed, but realise the single might steer a lot differently.

come and convince me it's the perfect buggy for me....please grin

NewPinkPup Tue 13-Oct-09 10:02:14

It's lovely, so easy to push! I take it on the school run everyday with clingy 4 year old ds insisting I hold his hand all the way & ds2 is always so comfy he has a nap & stays asleep long enough for me to have a cup of tea & a mn when I get home grin He's just starting to wake up now

LatinDAISYcal Tue 13-Oct-09 10:10:18

good stuff....any more?

How is it crossing roads that are on a hill? (ie I have uphill one side and downhill the other side of me) My P&T wants to veer off down the hill crossing on these roads and it can be quite tough to control with one hand. The BJCM is much lighter though isn't it?

NewPinkPup Tue 13-Oct-09 10:22:18

Yes it's really light.. I've not had any problems on the roads & there are lots of hills where I am, I guess it might depend on the weight of the child in the buggy. But I have a chunky just 6 month old - 20lbs and almost in 9-12month clothes & haven't had any problems at all, even with ds1's pe kit, book bag, coats & a changing bag etc underneath in the basket.

LatinDAISYcal Tue 13-Oct-09 10:51:46

You've convinced me pinkpup! (like I needed convincing grin) DH will go bonkers.

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