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Baby Jogger City Mini Owners - help please

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meggiesmummie Mon 12-Oct-09 21:18:38

Have recently bought a BJCM for grandparents to use as they can't get bugaboo in car and on their first outing with it today it seems to be folding when it shouldn't.

Basically, when it is up, as soon as you out any pressure on the handle bar i.e to go up a kerb, it starts to fold in half even with safety straps on.

I used it a couple of weeks ago and didn't have any trouble so cannot understand what can have changed. The instructions imply that when you put it up it should lock into place, but this doesn't seem to be happening and I can't see what it is that should be 'locking'.

Any ideas?

sammysamsam Tue 13-Oct-09 02:17:36

even with the safety straps on?! I deffo think it's a faulty BJCM.. why don't you give the company a ring?

NewPinkPup Tue 13-Oct-09 10:04:37

I'd ring where you got it from, mine locks in with a loud click everytime I open it. Maybe one of the d rings (which the fold handle links onto) is stuck in the open position - look underneath the seat)

NormaSknockers Tue 13-Oct-09 12:11:32

It should 'lock' into position when you open it with a loud click, sometimes you have to sort of 'flip' it out if that makes sense?

meggiesmummie Tue 13-Oct-09 13:02:09

Thanks everyone. Definietly no loud click so something not right. DH is ringing the UK importer today to see what they can do. Unfortunately we purchased from ebay (although it was hardly used) so a bit difficult to take back to shop it came from.

oohlalaaaa Wed 14-Oct-09 12:24:58

Theres a spare chassis for sale on ebay.

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