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Pushchairs for a disabled mum to be -advice please!

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Jayfer Mon 12-Oct-09 13:12:30

Has anyone got any advice for a mum to be who has got rheumatoid arthritis and is very confused with all the pushchairs out there?!

I'm looking for a lightweight pushchair which has reasonably easy straps (I appreciate they have to be quite tricky otherwise little fingers may undo them). I have extremely weak hands and wrists and need a pushchair which has comfortable handles and is easy to push.

Any advice would be gratefully received!

jocie Mon 12-Oct-09 20:38:33

Not really sure if this will be of any help but my friend has rheumatoid arthritis and reaaly likes my maclaren xt as she says its really easy to push. When her dd2 was younger(is now 4) she had some kind of 3 wheeler, not sure what it was , can ask though.
What about baby jogger city mini, not had one myself but they fold really easily and all the reviews say they're a dream to push.
Think most pushchairs have more or less the same kind of harness.
I'd suggest going to mothercare or some other baby shop and testing some out. Good luck hope you find one!

Ohh just thought my friend quite often used a sling when her dd was tiny, particulary when going short distances. I think she had a wilkinet. Might be worth looking into using a sling predominantly for the first few months as that might open up your puschchair opions a bit.
Hope this all helps

NormaSknockers Tue 13-Oct-09 12:15:44

Hi there,

My friend has arthritis in her wrists & ankles & after lots of looking she opted for the Bugaboo Cam which was great for a while but when going out on her own she found it hard to take apart & get in the car on her own so she now has a Baby Jogger City Mini for when she goes out on her own with her DS & she says it's fantastic so maybe those 2 are worth looking into for you?

The BJCM is very light, incredibly easy to fold, lovely large hood & easy to push even one handed so hopefully it would be easy on your joints.

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