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P&T frustration...using a bjorn at same time...just me?

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peacock19780 Sat 10-Oct-09 18:08:30

I'm very frustrated that having bought a P&Ts double, which was excellent with a newborn and am sure will be great when baby is currently having to use a babybjorn for the 3mth old as she is too young to sit upright but too old to bear being awake in the cocoon 'coffin'.

Is anyone else in same position or been there? How long til I can get 3mth old into her seat and expect her to be able to suck thumb (currently needs to be lying down to find it) and sleep happily upright?! It is making trips out very physical and stressful at present.....

denialandpanic Sat 10-Oct-09 18:24:49

I got a sheepskin to line the actual lie flat buggy bit and ditched the cocoon for that in between bit. Its a lot airier. i now use it ( hes 4 months) in the little second seat for him and hes happy but at three months he didn't have the head holding abilities. Also we have the sport that reclines slightly when you unzip the sides on the second seat?

I would prefer him flat still but his sister is getting heavier and the secons seat on top arrangement was really hard to steer on any incline and up and down pavements etc

moomaa Sat 10-Oct-09 18:37:48

Another suggestion is to put your older one in the back and baby in the front with that seat slightly reclined so they lie nicely. Just watch it doesn't tip. I kept DD lying down until 5.5 months without the cocoon but she was on the dinky side and I stopped it because she was kicking against the top seat and I thought she'd kick herself out.

peacock19780 Sat 10-Oct-09 18:41:27

Thanks for that both of you. 4mths and happy in 2nd seat is a positive thought for me. I have a vibe and both seats recline but currently neither the second (under) seat or the main top seat are adequate for her. She's fine when awake but when she gets tired she can't relax properly to sleep and screams! Also screams if awake and in cocoon so its a difficult situation for timing outings and I always end up with toddler on top seat and baby in bjorn- knackering.
Denial... where did you buy the sheepskin from?

denialandpanic Sat 10-Oct-09 19:05:22

kiddicare it was a babydan one about 27 quid i think

We are still using it now as I haven't bought a sleeping bag / buggy snuggle hes in this and a snowsuit

denialandpanic Sat 10-Oct-09 19:05:25

kiddicare it was a babydan one about 27 quid i think

We are still using it now as I haven't bought a sleeping bag / buggy snuggle hes in this and a snowsuit

peacock19780 Sat 10-Oct-09 19:19:55

Thanks! Will be getting one asap and making her practice finding her thumb (upright and in snowsuit will pose 2 problems, god I wish the dummy had worked like with number1)

kateecass Sun 11-Oct-09 11:38:44

We managed DD from 3 months in rear seat with a snow suit but not without!! Snowsuit used to hold her upright somehow!! And she loved it cos she could see out. We also hung toys off back of other seat!

facebookaddict Mon 12-Oct-09 12:06:41

Kateecass - did you have dummy or was she thumbsucker? I can see when tired, this position difficult for her if she can't get thumb in... maybe I should give dummy for that circumstance even though otherwise never uses?...

denialandpanic Mon 12-Oct-09 13:01:20

we have dummy

swottybetty Wed 14-Oct-09 22:43:35

i love my vibe but think this is a real weakness of it. ds is 4mo and have just put him in upright for the same reason. he was getting antsy lying down. he seems a lot happier now and falls asleep after a little while (dummy sucker btw). i converted dd's travel system into a pushchair when she was about 4 1/2 months so not so much of a difference, but i do hate not having the choice.

incidentally, i am going to splash out on the snuggle and snooze so that ds feels more cocooned and less exposed. i think p&t do custom lambskins BTW

littleducks Wed 14-Oct-09 22:48:36

at that awkward in betweeny bit i also had a sheepskin liner (check boots the sell baby stuff off cheap to make space for xmas stock) and would swp ds between rear seat and lying flat

he was fine in seat for short periods reclined was less upright than bouncy chair, in fact i may have put head hugger from car seat in there to help once or twice

both of mine didnt thumb/dummy suck so im try to imagine position prob but must admit i dont get it fully

weaselbudge Mon 19-Oct-09 18:54:15

Would this problem be solved if younger one was in the maxi cosi car seat attachment? i dont have a p&t but thinking of getting one.

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