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would you send a buggy back if...........

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purpledreamer Mon 05-Oct-09 16:37:48

it has the most annoying squeak after having it 4 days???

i have a maclaren xt (wish i d stuck to the original xlr plan now) and it squeaks like hell!

i got it from do u think they would take it back now i have used it ?

its REALLY annoying me!!

kellyatbabyguds Mon 05-Oct-09 16:48:13

If its as bad as you say they should really take it back. If they won't try some silicone spray on the wheels and it may help it

FABIsInTraining Mon 05-Oct-09 16:49:46

Try it.

I took a double buggy back because the rain cover didn't cover the kid's feet. Didn't know this until it rained of course.

Got a credit note.

colditz Mon 05-Oct-09 16:56:57

I took a buggy back to Argos because it pushed horribly. They fussed a little, until I insisted that the purpose of a pushchair was to push a child around in, and if you couldn't comfortably do that, it clearly wasn't fit for purpose.

purpledreamer Mon 05-Oct-09 17:25:04

im not happy with the raincover either

its like a canvas mesh and it doesnt fit flush to the hood so its going to let the rain in for sure

i have tryed to ring kiddicare all afternoon no luck and i cant email them as it needs my order number which i dont have as i deleted all the emails ;-(

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