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Has anyone got a newer MOUNTAIN BUGGY please? Does your brake work properly?

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Frrrightattendant Sun 04-Oct-09 07:10:50

We got ours in the spring and by summer it was having serious brake problems. The brake would refuse to come up when it was on, leading to me having to crouch down and yank it up by hand with great difficulty.

Then it started going on by itself (actually this happened first I think) which is quite annoying especially as it happens so suddenly and stops you - I dread it happening in a road situation.

They told me on the phone to clean out the brake but as it's only had very light use, I didn't think there could be anything clogging it - and it seemed to self-resolve anyway, at first. Now it's getting worse and worse again.

I just emailed the company to ask about warranty and repairs but tbh really worried i'll just get the same problem if it is fixed, because I can't see why it would go wrong in the first place unless it is just a poor design.

This is the new Urban elite btw.
I'm interested to know if I am the ony one with this issue as it would help me decide what to do.


misdee Sun 04-Oct-09 08:07:05

is this the new style with retractable axles and red points on the brakes?

i have an 07 designer one and have had no problems.

Frrrightattendant Sun 04-Oct-09 08:09:18

Yes misdee that's the one. I am gearing up for a bit of a ruck with them, which I don't want sad

Not even sure what my rights would be, can you get a refund after what, 7-8 months? Or do you have to accept a repair?

misdee Sun 04-Oct-09 08:12:10

no idea. you would need to contact out n about who would deal with it.

reminds me, io need to contact them myself about a wheel release clip as mine has flown off.

Frrrightattendant Sun 04-Oct-09 08:17:15

Hope you get it sorted. Is Out and About the distributor? I thought I had to deal direct with Chariots. I do like them I have to admit which is why I don't want the stress of a possible argument. I hate confrontation but 500 odd quid for a buggy you do expect a working brake sad

misdee Sun 04-Oct-09 08:21:07

out n about are now the main people to deal with. but if you bought from chariots then try them first.

its a shame about the new style brakes, as i like the idea of the retractable axles, but settled for an older model. no probloems here except wheel clips flying off.

Frrrightattendant Sun 04-Oct-09 08:25:47

Thanks Misdee. I had an older fixed handle one which was fine...sold it then got this bloody thing which yes, was very nice to have a new one but the brake has never relaly let up and we don't use it in the car so don't need to take wheels off anyway...

I wish I ahd stuck with the old one!!

Frrrightattendant Sun 04-Oct-09 21:31:54

Had an email back from chap at Chariots...he said the brake bar is definitely bent hmm because that is what would cause it to stick.

It's not bent.
I told him that months ago...have sent photos now so he can see just how unbent it is.
He is also saying that it would take considerable force to bend it - the only two people it happened to he knows of, had caught the brake on something while putting buggy in and out of car boot, which we have NEVER done with this buggy - i keep the maclaren in the car.

He said he can't tell if this happened while I was trying to fix it hmm again
I said how could it have, I only pulled it with my hand, and that was because it was already stuck!!!!

He reckons they might not repair it if I have 'caused' the damage somehow.

I used to really recommend Chariots and now I am feeling very angry about this quasi-accusation. I posted on here that the brake was sticking within a week or two of having it in feb.

Oh dear...

MillyMollyMoo Mon 05-Oct-09 11:43:01

Did you pay by credit card ? If so they will take up your cause, amazing how quickly things move once the credit card company threatens to chargeback the transaction.

Frrrightattendant Mon 05-Oct-09 11:46:27

Thankyou - I'm not sure but will check. It was probably debit card.

He has emailed me again saying he will take it up with the distributor and let me know what they say...will prob have to send it off to be repaired, I might ring them myself and check their policy.

JustChancesAndChoices Fri 16-Oct-09 15:23:38

Mine is a bit older (bought 2nd hand but i think 2006/7) & I have had brake probs like yours & also one wheel would slowly slide off whilst pushing along the rd. (I would have to rememeber every now & then to give it a little kick back into place LOL)

FIL had a look and somehow (I think trying to squash it into ford fiesta) the back "axel" or maybe what he calls the "brake bar", was out of line (but not bent) He clmaped it & pulled it slightly apart & it all went back together again & the brake was then fine. Sorry I really dont think that I explained myself well!

So it must be a common problem & one that takes minutes to fix (if you know what your doing)

MB used to have fantastic customer service but then they had financial probs & are now owned by P&T. Maybe take it someone that does P&t repairs?

camflower Tue 20-Oct-09 11:03:53

i bought a mb swift a couple of months ago and i'm having real trouble with the brake - sometimes when it's on i have the devil's own job getting it off and i have to resort to doing it with my hand. in fact it's got to the stage where i dread havign to put it on in case i can't get it off in time - like being on the bus and it sticks! think i might have a word cos it's perfect otherwise ...

camflower Tue 27-Oct-09 20:42:45

ah, good squirt of wd40 sorted my brake problem out ... duh

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