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Out n about nipper 360 double - fitting through doors?

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WaterGreen Fri 02-Oct-09 15:14:51

I think the nipper 360 is going to be the best double for us - dc2 due in a couple of weeks, ds about to turn 2 - but am slightly worried about it fitting through our front door.

I've measured up, and our front gate is about 80cm wide, the front door 78/79cm. Apparently the nipper is 77cm wide. Will it be a complete PITA getting it in and out? As it's a 3-wheeler, does that make it a bit more "wiggle-able"?

I've read that it's very easy to pop the back wheels on and off - would that be do-able with a newborn in there (I'd turf the toddler out!) if that was the easiest way to get it in?

I wish I knew someone who already owned one so I could try it out. Am hestitating about buying it only to discover I can't fit it through the door! I'm not sure any store would take it back after trying that, would they?


Sammia Fri 02-Oct-09 15:53:30

Some stores probably would take it back, tho you may have to fabricate a better reason!!

I do not have one but have observed people having difficulty with doubles getting in to our local costa coffee!

Best way seems to be straight on versus the wiggle..

I recently bought from babygear in surrey and found them to be great..

may be worth giving them a call?

the out and about nipper double is on there for £299.99 at the moment which seems to be pretty good?

WaterGreen Fri 02-Oct-09 16:40:12

Thanks Sammia.

I think there are bound to be places I can't get into with a double, but I don't want my own front door to be one of them grin. Just don't want to spend all that money only to find it doesn't fit and I can't take it back...

Thanks for link, will take a look.

larsazlol Fri 02-Oct-09 19:35:29

I have the nipper and have similar size front door, there is literally a cm in getting it through. It does fit and I find straight on best, the only trouble is space to leave it when inside without tripping over it with a sleeping child inside.
On some of our double decker buses there is a pole opposite the stairs which makes it just abit too tight so I just take one wheel off with both kids in and push it past it is surprisingly easy.

All said I love this pushchair (when the kids don't pull each others hair!) and think it is the best double if you want your kids to have an even seat and recline to sleep. It is so easy to push and I use it shopping round town, walking and on days out and don't have any issues.

Peabody Fri 02-Oct-09 19:44:00

FWIW, the Inglesina Domino will give you an even seat and recline to sleep. And it fits through all doors. It is as long as a bus, though

blowninonabreeze Fri 02-Oct-09 19:46:16

I have one too and have yet to find a door/space I can't get through without some mild jiggling!

Where roughly are you - if you're anywhere near me (east mids) you're welcome to borrow for a test drive

Sammia Fri 02-Oct-09 19:49:34

No worries,

I got a discount code when I bought - for friends and family.

Stick ' ' and you should get a discount.

Hope it helps.. smile

WaterGreen Sun 04-Oct-09 19:11:25

Thanks all - went to see a nipper in John Lewis yesterday and it looks fantastic. Am very reassured by all these comments so am going to buy it this week. Sammia, thanks for the code, I will try that!

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