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ok who told me I could clean my phil and teds main seat in the washing machine?

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sunglasses Wed 30-Sep-09 22:14:19

Hi, I posted a couple of month ago about cleaning my phil and teds pushchair seat- its sand coloured and filthy after two years of use. I was told you could take it off and put it in the washing machine. I have taken it off ( after much faffing about with screws etc but there is no way I could bend it into the machine. It is rigid! what am I doing wrong?
Can I remove the cardboard/plastic inserts in the seat pad and back? I cant work out how but there is no way I could bend them into a washing machine!

I have also bought a replacement shopping basket and footwell but again it all needs to be screwed into place! Is it really supposed to come off? I am very doubtful at the moment. Please re-assure e I have done the right thing!

i have a pushchair in bits at the moment!!

sazm Wed 30-Sep-09 23:15:37

you cant wash the main bit in the machine as it doesnt fit!unless you want to unpick the stitching and re-stitch it!

i put my main seat unit in the bath and SCRUBBED it with a nail brush and some soap powder dissolved in warm water,then rinsed it well and hung it on the line to dry,
i washed all the other parts - doubles seat, shopping basket/footwell,hood in the machine on a 30 degree wash,
it looked like new when i'd finished,

sunglasses Thu 01-Oct-09 08:31:16

Thanks- Some one did tell me they put theres in the machine last time I posted but I did think that sounded strange. As long as I can wash it in the bath thats fine. Was getting worried that the reinforced plastic/cardboard stuff might not stand being immersed in water. I have a new footwell thing and will put the hood in the machine. Encouraged by you saying it looked like new again!

StrictlyAvadaKedavra Thu 01-Oct-09 09:51:07

Maybe they have a bloody big machine then!

I wouldn't immerse the main seat in a bath of water though, they take AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGes to dry out (unless you have ages, then that's fine!)

and I would use liquid washing powder as I found despite several rinses of the main seat (with the hose in the garden!) it still had pwder residue when dry.

whyme2 Thu 01-Oct-09 09:54:03

I took mine outside and scrubbed it with washing liquid and hot water then let it dry in the sun.
This was the 2 nd time, the first time I put it in the machine and it was a disaster. Ended up with one strap torn off by the spin cycle.

horsemadgal Fri 02-Oct-09 13:46:53

I put mine in the washing machine. Was the E3 if that makes a difference.

MatNanPlus Fri 02-Oct-09 13:54:31

I would go with wetting it down then using fairy / dish liquid and a brush and then repeated rinses and brushes to leave it bubble and grime free

loobyloo4 Sat 29-Jul-17 09:25:23

My daughter has just acquired a grubby Phil and Teds double pushchair. We have removed the second seat from the frame. Popped it back on itself and used a toothbrush to clean out the crevasses. Put it in the washer( a large one) on 40 degrees with a couple of hand towels to stop it unbalancing the machine. Used liquid soap and washed for an hour. Yes the plastic insert bent a little but regained shape when put back on the frame. Padding moved a little and need easing back into position. Otherwise no harm done. Yet to wash the rest but pleased so far.

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