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Quinny. I have a question

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princessmel Tue 29-Sep-09 21:18:25

Note to pram experts. I am not an expert!

I saw a newborn in a Quinny today. Wasn't a zapp. I have one of those.

He was lying down in what looked like a chair attachment that was set in a reclining position. His bottom was in the base of the seat part so his body was in a sort of v shape.

I thought that babies were better off lying flat on their backs. Either in a moses babsket type affair or a simple pram fully reclined.

Now this baby looked very comfy and relaxed and it was easy to see how you could switch the angle of the seat to an upright one, for older babies. Both good points.

BUT what I want to know is this, is it safe/advised for a baby to be often in a sort of bent or v shaped position?????


horsemadgal Tue 29-Sep-09 22:31:00

Was probably a Buzz. The bucket seat is recommended from 6 months but seems people do put them in sooner.

sazm Wed 30-Sep-09 10:46:50

i bought a pushchair with this shape seat,and it said it was suitable for newborn, but the guidelines changed soon after and now they are not allowed to sell it as being suitable for a newborn,
newborns should lie flat as its better for their back,also if they are in the seat unit at that angle for too long, it would effect their breathing the same as being in a carseat too long,

my lo hated the carrycot on our buzz,i had to use the seat but i put a blanket under the bum part so he lay flatter!

Grumpla Sun 04-Oct-09 23:49:03

I have a Buzz and my son has just gone into the fully reclined seat (at 4 months) as he does not like being on his back for long periods any more (I used the Dreami carry cot previously) but I have seen people in town with really tiny babies in their Buzz, haven't been able to work out quite how but the babies do seem to be flat. Possibly the back of the seat as the base? Does that make sense? I thought maybe this was a newer model that reclined fully flat, as mine is a hand-me-down, but perhaps not.

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