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Best pushchair for travelling?

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HerMomminess Tue 29-Sep-09 11:13:32

Hi there, We' ll be travelling long haul to a hot country with a 3 month old baby. My Mamas*Papas skate is way too big to take with.

Which pushchair would you guys recommend for travelling eg airpoirt/ while on hol etc. I' ve been looking at the baby mini city jogger. Not cheap though!


Aomlette Mon 13-Oct-14 14:46:23

What's a "DD"?

KLmummabear Fri 18-Apr-14 12:03:48

Look at babyzen yoyo. Has newborn attachment, reclines and can fold/open & steer with one hand. Is hand luggage size and has a shoulder carry strap, big enough for 4 year olds. We've invested for regular air travel
After people in our expat community have been raving over them. Happy hols!

homeaway Wed 06-Nov-13 15:37:36

I think you would have to check with the car hire company and I dont know whether they would meet the European safety standards so you might want to try and take your own?
As Cup says you should start a new thread that will get more traffic.

margaretelkins Tue 05-Nov-13 12:07:28

Hi I am travelling to Costa Rica in Jan with10 month baby, has anyone got any tips. Eg has anyone hired a car there ? Do they have child seats readily available?

cupoftchai Mon 04-Nov-13 22:18:00

hello you should repost your question as a new thread as I don't think many people will see it here. I reckon you should just bring your own car seat, it'll be only the small infant carrier one, yes? And i hear car hire seats often poor quality. we got to take 2 items of baby kit free on plane anytime we've flown and have always gone for buggy and car seat.

margaretelkins Mon 04-Nov-13 17:00:15

Hi travelling to Costa Rica in Jan does anyone know if the car hire companies provide car seats for under1 year, it seems obvious but I have been in country's before where it was difficult to get hold of one.

margaretelkins Mon 04-Nov-13 16:54:40

Hi, travelling to Costa Ricco. In January, does anyone know if car hire companies supply car seat for under I year

LovestheChaos Fri 08-Oct-10 07:04:13

The last time I flew internationally I took my Phil and Teds a long with the doubles kit. We used it in the airport and didn't have to check it in. When we got to the gate the put it somewhere on the plane. And when we got off the plane they handed it back to us before we got to immigration.

onadietcokebreak Fri 08-Oct-10 01:58:50

Baby jogger city mini....fab, fab, fab

Try There is a 10% discount code SHPE48 (if you are in parenting club) Which makes it about £162 plus you get £25 of points back!

MonkeysPunk Thu 07-Oct-10 11:58:46

Hi - if you use code JLK at you should hopefully get 10% off spend on buggy over £120 - give it a try!
They also have the Maclaren Owen (which is the Ryder model in ltd edition fabric) on sale at £160 becomes £144 with free delivery after code is applied - it comes with Footmuff included.
Is 106cm long folded and has 6 inch wheels (bigger wheels than the mac quest) and it has the nice brakes you see in the Mac XT. It also has adjustable leg rest - full layback (from birth I think!) and raincover inc. It is very similar to the xt - but without adjustable handles - however it does have the footmuff with it - the bottom part can be used as a comfort liner without the top.
I do love the BJCM too - just thought I'd point out the maclaren as it's a great model for the money. Some folk just prefer umbrella fold for travelling. wink

suzie38 Thu 07-Oct-10 05:44:07

Baby Jogger City mini or micro

HalahanH Wed 06-Oct-10 23:57:23

Hi there - could you let me know what BMCJ stands for? I'm trying to look it up on the internet and can't find a reference. We have a quinny buzz 4 which is defo too large for hols and am wondering what kind of stroller to get. She'll be almost 1 by the time we leave and want something which is easy in the airport, but also will be fine getting to the beach and around town etc without her getting too hot (Majorca in May...)

Groovystyle Mon 07-Dec-09 22:21:37

Message withdrawn

HerMomminess Tue 01-Dec-09 08:33:06

HI Elk,

Which travel bag did you buy for it? I spoke to the company in the UK and they only had a generic one that would be quite big for the BJCM.


elk4baby Mon 30-Nov-09 19:06:31

Here's a link for the Combi:

elk4baby Mon 30-Nov-09 19:04:45

oh, I just remembered... our friends have a travel stroller they like - Combi. It's an umbrella type (though not the conventional umbrella-fold) with its own carry strap. If you can find it in the UK (they're mainly sold in the US), it's definitely worth considering.

elk4baby Mon 30-Nov-09 19:01:03

We bought a BJCM for travelling and went to Spain with it. It was great! The fast fold is definitely worth having. Having luggage, carry-ons and a baby to take care of, it's extremely helpful to have a one-hand folding buggy.
The BJCM lies flat and was very comfortable for our DS to fall asleep in (it's extremely rare for him to fall asleep in the pushchair!). It's very lightweight, so you can carry the baby and the stroller at the same time (handy in an airport when you have to put it onto the x-ray belt). The one-hand fold is awesome! There's no need to push, pull, hold something and bend down at the same time to collapse it.
We had a number of suitcases damaged at one point or another by different airlines, so it was great to drop it off and pick it up right at the cabin door. And because we got a pretty good deal, we bought the travel bag for it, which was really nice to have as well - made it easy to carry on the shoulder.

HerMomminess Mon 30-Nov-09 10:27:51

Just to update:BJCM was great. KLM to the gate;didn' t get it back for change over going there, but was waiting at the gate coming back. Made a huge difference while we were there for daytime naps,easy to handle...just great.

Secured it at gate with luggage straps and velcro straps to keep wheels from coming off.

Would recommend it highly!

Thanks to all for the advice.

nicolamumof3 Wed 21-Oct-09 21:23:21

just remember whatever you take you won't get it back til baggage reclaim so deffo take a sling. yes the BJCM will be fine on plane.

HerMomminess Wed 21-Oct-09 15:28:25

Okay, the KLM website says the following
'bring a small, completely collapsible baby stroller/pram. If the baby stroller will not fit under the seat or in the overhead baggage compartment, it can be checked into the hold at no extra charge'

Would you class the BMCJ as completely collaspible and 'umbrella type? It would be espesially handy in the airport .

I phoned KLM but he just referred me to the website. Ideally want to take it to the cabin door/gate then have it put in the hold.

Sorry if I' m being a numpty.

Any ideas?

mumtoem Fri 16-Oct-09 11:58:37

I bought a Maclaren Techno XT when I took my DD to Australia at 3 months. It lies flat and was comfortable enough for my DD to fall asleep in. With most airlines you can take the pushchair right to the cabin door. It is usually put in the hold for the flight and you either get it back with baggage reclaim or as soon as you get off the plane.

Recently I bought a carry bag for my pushchair (Sunshine kids one from Amazon). This protects your pushchair in the hold and you can also stuff extra things in the bag. So we had a few toys to keep DD amused in the airport and also stuffed our coats in the bag, since we would not need them on the flight.

HerMomminess Fri 16-Oct-09 11:20:53

Hi there,

stupid question: I assume you check it in with baggage whatever you take?

Eaglebird Fri 16-Oct-09 00:26:27

Maclaren Quest is fab. Lightweight, easy to fold (using 1 foot), reclines, folds up small. About £140.

basl Thu 08-Oct-09 16:26:47

I would go for the jane. I saw loads of people with three wheelers on hols and whish i had one. I bought a stroller for my hols and whish i had not. I don't need it at home and it is just sitting there. If you have air tyres i would get them treated with the anit punture stuff before you go. You can get a great carry bag from kiddicare.

bacon Thu 08-Oct-09 14:41:02

I'm just wondering what is the point of buying a new stroller for hols? I have an old but brill Jane 360 powertrack. fantastic to manouver and lies flatish and plenty of comfort for babes. I went into a posh pram shop on sat and the lady didnt recommend a stroller she explained that they are hard didnt offer the same comfort as a good pushchair, very flimsy and too low for hubby to push about. I would find it so difficult to push a stroller against the 360. Too many of them dont offer enough comfort for a baby to sleep too. She couldnt see a problem putting the Jane on a flight. Is it really necessary to have a lightweight stoller? I'm a virgin traveller with the children, DS2 will be 7 months old. I was looking at the Jane strollers because I love the quality of this brand.

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