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Alternative to maclaren techno twin?

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pootle09 Sun 27-Sep-09 20:35:31

Looking to get a twin pushchair and am thinking umbrella fold as do quite a bit of travelling and hope it will be easier to take on planes and things rather than a non-umbrella one.

I have the maclaren techno single and am very very happy with it, so thinking about getting the twin version.

It's bloody expensive though - are there any other alternatives? I like the fact that the techno reclines to flat, and that's an essential factor for me.

Also, does anyone know if the two halves of the techno twin can be reclined independently of each other?


pippylongstockings Sun 27-Sep-09 20:45:37

Look on e.bay would be my top tip. You use them for such a short space of time that you can get one in pretty good nick. I got one for £90 and it was fab.

Yes, they do recline independently of each other. I have 22 months between my two and it did us for 10 months until I could trust my eldest on a buggy board and then we went back to the single xt which is still going strong!

pootle09 Sun 27-Sep-09 21:07:34

Thanks pippy. The other thing I read is that an umbrella double (as opposed to a tandem or more hefty side by side one) can be a bit problematic if there's a big weight difference between the two children - have you found that a problem with yours?

Could you tell me pretty much how small the double techno folds up? Is it basically twice the width of the single techno?


nicolamumof3 Sun 27-Sep-09 21:23:46

a twin of this type gets extremely hard to push as they get older/bigger/heavier! so you then need something with air tyres, twin nipper is fab as its only about 9kg. but if you need it for travelling the twin mac is going to be best maybe but agree buy s/hand.

EldonAve Sun 27-Sep-09 21:28:04

we have the maclaren twin triumph
seats go flat

both mac twins you can adjust the seats separately

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