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mamas and papas callipso cybex to replace bugaboo bee, good or bad choice ??

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mumey Tue 22-Sep-09 19:49:41

just ordered a mamas and papas callipso cybex , to replace my bugaboo bee which at 18month my ds has well and truley outgrew , the bee is tiny, and my ds isnt a big baby hes very fine. so has any one got this can they tell me if ive make a good choice or bad ? weight is my biggest bugbear with buggies , hence loving the bee and very sad to let it go. will this live up to it ?

mrswee Wed 23-Sep-09 05:59:47

Hi Mumey

Just wondering did you try extending the seat on the bee? Did it make much difference? sorry silly question but I am just interested to know as I have a slight worry our baby will grow out of the bee before time too!

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