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STOKKE XPLORY question!!!!

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MrsTicklemouse Sun 20-Sep-09 15:05:27

I love this, wish i'd bought it when i was having DS2 instead of the buzz i have now-nightmare!!

I'm wondering, DC3 is due with the same gap between DS1 and DS2 so i know i can get away without a double but i was wondering if i treated myself to one of these and we were out and DS2 got tired could he perch on the bottom bit? or would it not be big enough, he will be just over two and a half. i've not seen one in real life yet!!

also does it work well for a toddler (21mo) i'm desperate to get rid of the buzz!!

dollydimple9 Mon 21-Sep-09 19:35:09

I have a Stokke xplory and i soooo love it,i also have a toddler (large 3 1/2 year old dd) and have been tempted many times to let her perch on the front and im pretty sure she could without the shopping bag on,the only reason i have not let her is i know if i do it once she will want to do it all the time lol. I also have a bugaboo cam and bugaboo bee which are also fab but the stokke is great and not seen around as often,i had a buzz 3 with last dd and a buzz 4 with my youngest dd and they are so heavy,stokke is much easier and nicer to push.
My dd is 11 months and pretty sure i will get another year out of it.Hth

MrsTicklemouse Sun 27-Sep-09 11:39:46

sorry for the late reply, DS1 decided to bring sickness and diarrhoea home from playgroup on the first week in ages that DH has worked away!!!
Thank you so much for you help, good point about doing it all the time though!!!

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