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milkmonster Sun 20-Sep-09 00:39:58

I'm sceptical that those 'reviews' on the internet aren't actually written by the manufacturers, who have staff to write up their buggy and cuss down thier rivals online. All my buggy buys have been based solely on these reviews. After all, ebay does the same thing quite openly by employing LiveWorld to 'create, monitor and empower' their Forums, where ebayers go to publicly complain about the site.

I noticed all the Jane Powertwin online reviews were gushing, interspersed with a handful of Anti-Janes written in such a similarly faux-dumb-housewife typo I'm quite convinced they're red herrings!

My Jane Powertwin Pro tips over when going up kerbs, steps or slight cambers. If you're petite or slight, you ain't gonna keep it upright and your kids will fall out shock. It's not rocket science, the centre of gravity and fact it's balanced on one fork, not two for extra strength, either side of the front wheel.

*Why isn't this pulled by trading standards?*

I need the money to pay for the new double buggy I need, so I've put mine on ebay, but feel really guilty as whoever buys it will face the same problem.

I needed a tandem rather than side-by-side so I could bus about. The Jane had good reviews on the 'net, yet I rarely saw them on the street, and there's always hundreds for sale on ebay. Now I know why!

How many women can honestly admit to putting vanity over practicality when it comes to choosing a pushchair? (Ahem, how many Quinny Zapps do you see nowadays, people having bought one for it's funky looks then realised how utterly impractical they actually are!)

Have since bought a brand new Out n About Nipper 360. I keep hearing there's no such thing as the 'perfect' double, but I've yet to fault it.

Everyone has their own preference of course, but I seriously wonder how there is such a wide margin of Preference, given that some of these double buggies are simply more trouble than they're worth, yet they look so cool, right? I'm not promoting the Nipper over any other double, it's my own long journey to having found the ideal double buggy that inspires me to admit such, but in the event of no local buggy supermarket to test-drive various models and no word of mouth recommendations from other mums, we rely on 'net reviews.

Those reviews led me to the Jane Powertwin and a near accident involving a newborn and toddler on a busy main road.

Please make the effort to test-drive buggies with kids in situ before making your expensive purchase. Not just a little shunt back and forth either! Take net reviews with a pinch of salt!

NormaSknockers Sat 03-Oct-09 08:15:19

Tbh I've never, ever paid any notice to online reviews as everyone is different & what works for one person doesn't work for another!

I think you just have to test things out & find what suits you best...or do what I did & go through pram after pram testing them all out til you settle on one grin

LatinDAISYcal Sat 03-Oct-09 08:28:20

I road tested the powertwin for a magazine and had similar issues as you with it, however a friend of mine has one and she thinks it's the best twin buggy she has ever had. I think it's more suited to two evenly sized babies rather than a toddler and newborn though as when we put my twin nephews in it it fared much better. My P&T can also be a bit tippy going up and down kerbs, and I have to get it square on, but as it's shorter it isn't such an issue as the Powertwin. It's the nature of narrow three wheelers I'm afraid, but I agree there should be more of a warning in the instructions about it

I would trust the reviews in the parenting magazines over anything on the net. Or sites like Kiddicare as I've filled in reviews for things I've bought from them and seen MY review live as it were.

Did you take it up with Jane? or the store you bought it from?

smackapacka Sun 04-Oct-09 19:30:27

I trust the reviews on Mumsnet though!

<I think>

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