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P&T Raincovers

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JeMeSouviens Sat 19-Sep-09 20:57:07

I'm looking at a P&T double right now. I'm just wondering if when you are using it in single mode (no doubles kit on) and have the doubles rain cover, does it fold neatly at the back so there isn't extra material flapping about, or would I need a single rain cover, and then a double rain cover for when using the doubles kit?


Washersaurus Sat 19-Sep-09 21:00:17

I haven't used mine in singles mode ever but can tell you that the raincover is a VERY tight fit over the doubles seat, so I doubt there would be that much flapping around if you used it in single mode tbh.

magicOC Sun 20-Sep-09 16:07:46

I always use the double raincover for the single, yes it is a bit loose, but,make sure the velcro sides are done up and it's not too much hassle.

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