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Help me choose a lightweight buggy and buggy board please.

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Confuzzeled Fri 18-Sep-09 17:41:41

I have a 3week old ds and a 2.5yo dd.

Dd won't sit in a buggy and the big travel system is a chore to lug around.

I have a maclaren but the wheels keeps falling off it's been so well used.

I need a lightweight buggy and a buggy board. I seem to remember someone telling me you can't fold up a buggy with a board attached and they have to be bolted on, is this right?

Confuzzeled Fri 18-Sep-09 18:01:57


sazm Sun 20-Sep-09 12:06:07

depends in which type of buggy you buy whether you have to take off the buggy board to fold it?

is it a stroller you are looking for or a pushchair,

i have a loola up and its fab,i havent used it with a buggyboard but i have read about lots of people who say it fits well,

Confuzzeled Sun 20-Sep-09 17:44:21

Oh, well I hadn't decided.

I was thinking of a stroller but I'd buy a better pushchair if it folds with the board attached.

sazm Sun 20-Sep-09 18:11:58

with the loola up, you would need to take it off to fold it,
same with anything that folds in half width ways
i have a quinny buzz,and had a nurse hello pushchair that folded in half height ways, so the part that the board would be attached to stays the same so the board doesnt need to come off,
(hope you understand what i mean lol!)

CarGirl Sun 20-Sep-09 18:14:51

Okay this will sounds very odd as I absolutely loved my bugaboo frog and used it with a buggyboard on it, it was heaven.

For when I had to use the car I had a graco mirage (cheap as chips, lightweight & huge shopping basket) with a lascal buggy board attached and the whole thing folded up and fitted into my boot easily without having to remove it.

I used one of the older buggy board btw not the 3g

mothercare atlan/swoop is the same pushchair as mirage btw

Confuzzeled Sun 20-Sep-09 18:26:04

Could you fold the frog with the buggyboard attached? Just wondered as I've found a cheap one.

CarGirl Sun 20-Sep-09 18:27:43

never tried as I walked to school only time I need the buggy board. But to fold the bugaboo you have to take the seat unit off so it's a bit hassled anyway IYSWIM. I used a lascal 3g on my bugaboo and loved it.

Umlellala Mon 21-Sep-09 08:00:45

It's v easy to take buggyboard off and on btw, takes seconds. I live in a flat with stairs before we get in, so take it off before we get in the door. Easy.

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