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Stokke Xplory and boot space of small cars?!

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Athenean Mon 14-Sep-09 09:18:46

Hi all,

Love the Stokke Xplory but am about to buy a new car and wondering if it will fit in any of the little cars I am looking at. My car shortlist is:

Suzuki Swift
Honda Jazz
Toyota Yaris
VW Polo

Does anyone own any of these cars and a Stokke?


NK74deb112X1248871389a Sat 24-Oct-09 22:34:41


I know this is a late reply but I have only just logged on the site.

I have a Stokke Xplory and I love it, it is however quite big in the boot even when folded down. I don't have any of the cars you mention but a Rav 4 and it takes up most of the space in the boot (I don't take the wheels off) so I would imagine that it might not fit into a smaller car.

When we were researching prams I found that a lot of the retailers let you try and put the pram in your car to check that it would fit, worth asking as it would save an expensive mistake.

It's a great pram though so if it does fit then I would totally recommend it.

cleanandclothed Sat 24-Oct-09 22:36:34

I have a Golf and it (just) fits in ours so a polo might be a bit small.

trellism Sat 24-Oct-09 22:38:39

I have a Jazz (buy one!) and it fits in there.

BikeRunSki Sat 24-Oct-09 22:43:31

My Quinny Buzz wouldn;t fit in my Polo, so I doubt that an Xplory would.

AnyGhoulKno Sat 24-Oct-09 22:45:15

it might fit in a polo - but you wouldn't get anything else in.

As for yaris - unlikely

Ewe Sat 24-Oct-09 22:47:33

My friend has a Polo (I think, or it might be a Golf) and it fits in no problem. Same with my other friends Peugeot 206.

I have never not been able to fit it in a car boot and have had it for 18months and I don't drive so am always getting lifts here there and everywhere!

AnyGhoulKno Sat 24-Oct-09 22:49:18

it seems such a pain to dis-assemble it to put it in the car to me, I coveted one for ages but after seeing it demonstrated was really put off

witchwithallthetrimmings Sat 24-Oct-09 22:57:15

I think its a pram designed not to be put in the car to encourage us to be healthy and enviormentally friendly.

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