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September Pushchair Shed - Part Two - open to all!!

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nicolamumof3 Sun 13-Sep-09 10:46:37


buggylovinmummy Sun 13-Sep-09 11:16:41

pebbles i will hunt them out today and see how many ive got then let you know about postage smile

pebbles79 Sun 13-Sep-09 11:32:37

Thank you . Have bought a Dora duvet cover set from ebay and have a single quilt that's been cut down the middle and sewn to make it toddler size so will need to adapt the duvet cover - quite looking forward to having a little project

FlyMeToDunoon Sun 13-Sep-09 11:43:14

Whew found you. I had a mini panic trying to remember which section we had been moved to now.
DD2's birthday party today so I will be up to my eyeballs in wrapping paper, crisps and ballooons.
We have um 11 children coming I think.... and adults keep being added. DP has gone out for some wine!

nicolamumof3 Sun 13-Sep-09 11:56:33

oh have a lovely time!

scattykatty Sun 13-Sep-09 12:33:14

Just reading the end of last thread, I'm worried about DS too as his Birthday is January 7th and I really want him to have a party this year for turning 2 but for it to be far enough past Christmas for it to be just about his Birthday. I don't want him to feel short changed growing up if people don't come cos they've had enough with Christmas or he gets only joint presents as people can't be bothered when it's just been Christmas to shop again.

What do you do Nicola as your Tate is sooooo close to Christmas, how do you make it just as special for him (after all it's their 1 day a year just for them) as you do for your other 2?

buggylovinmummy Sun 13-Sep-09 12:39:24

pebbles ive found them, i have 4 white ones. not sure how much postage will be exactly, £4 should cover it i think and if its any less i,ll refund you.

My PP address is

Thanks smile

nicolamumof3 Sun 13-Sep-09 12:45:38

well i make sure its all birthday'd up indoors banners/balloons etc we have cake and always have people round. However with regards to presents i guess he does maybe get less but he doesn't know, its a shame his bday is near xmas but we just have to get on with it now. Maybe i should have planned it a bit better lol!!

scattykatty Sun 13-Sep-09 12:54:58

Well DS was due on Christmas Eve but I held on long enough to give him a chance at a separate Birthday grin The prsents I'm not so worried about, it's that he will feel his Birthday is less of a big deal that his future siblings will be

pebbles79 Sun 13-Sep-09 13:09:38

All paid BLM but forgot to add my address lol blush, is your email address the same?

nicolamumof3 Sun 13-Sep-09 13:21:20

SK as long as they get pressies a cake and maybe a party i think they're happy tbh, some balloons and fuss is all they need! Tate was due on NYE and as Tom had been 8 days late i was sure he would arrive mid jan, but he had other ideas!

claret1980 Sun 13-Sep-09 15:25:02

My ds1 is the start of the birthdays for us. DS2 is November 10th and dd is November 12th! Bad planning really! This year ds2 & dd are having a joint swimming party.

scattykatty Sun 13-Sep-09 16:23:55

Well just had a really thrilling afternoon, Sainsbury's shop, Toyrus, cleaning out the pantry, 2 loads of washing, hanging out said washing, hoovering.... uh when does it end!?

nicolamumof3 Sun 13-Sep-09 18:21:07

after seeing a used one go for £32 im going to buy new! what colour shall i go for? to go with black xt...

maxybrown Sun 13-Sep-09 18:22:51

My sister's bday is christmas eve, DH's birthday is 22nd dec. My sis likes to make a big deal out of being poor her, but she has always been treated the same etc etc. DH doesn't care, but again, always treated as any other time of year birthday.

Wow, I feel guilty now....birthday party for age 2 sad mind you.....we only know the grand total of my mum and dad, my sister and her 2 (who are coming for a little tea party with DS on Tuesday) and brother....lives in Liverpool......darn it. That's it!! Dh's parents live in Morecambe.
How sad does that sound? sad All my friends and their children live in Devon.

maxybrown Sun 13-Sep-09 18:24:36

ooh the teardrop one, mauve - I like those, could be an ordinary bag too couldn't it?

5in, have you bid on the trophy near you/ Wonder what the reserve is?

nicolamumof3 Sun 13-Sep-09 18:32:12

maxy DH is from (well not originally) Morecambe his parents live there, since Terry was 4yr old he was born in london but considers himself a northerner.

thats why i like them look like normal bag. going to buy i think.

pebbles79 Sun 13-Sep-09 18:34:08

I like the black and white one Nicola.

maxybrown Sun 13-Sep-09 19:07:48

Ah is he Nic?!

I like the black and white but get grubby quickly, would annoy me that!

scattykatty Sun 13-Sep-09 19:13:46

DS actually had a party in January for his 1st Birthday too blush He probably didn't know what on earth was going on!

DS picked this from Toysrus I think because it's the baby version of his massive Kota so he's been carrying it around all afternoon calling it 'baby' it's been sooooo cute. We also got him a Schleich elephant and he's been making it kiss baby Kota, such an affetcionate boy grin

maxybrown Sun 13-Sep-09 19:17:21

has he not grown out of that elephant top yet?

scattykatty Sun 13-Sep-09 19:21:20

Haahhahaa he's worn it once and will be wearing it tomorrow to Musical Munchkins grin He won't be growing out of it until he has worn it with those star cords... grin

scattykatty Sun 13-Sep-09 19:26:21

Oh and my red duffle (really DS's) ahould be here tomorrow....Woo Hoo grin

Grow Luka Grow!!!!!

maxybrown Sun 13-Sep-09 19:30:48 wish! Size of those feet and all! How much does he weigh SK?

5inthebed Sun 13-Sep-09 19:31:13

Here you all are! Thought I'd killed the last thread with my self pity blush

I like the black and white one Nicola. I bid on the other one on Ebay, but didn't win it of course.

Maxy, I have bid on it, but just £30 in the silly hope the reserve was that.

I've been to the mothership (Ikea) today grin. Bought a few wall things for dvds seeming as DH is such a big dvd fan. Sick of seeing them lying all over the place, and tol him I'm going to sell them if they're not moved.

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