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Which pushchair fits a maxi cosi cabriofix carseat?

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SabsBigPants Thu 10-Sep-09 09:10:34

Hi, I have a maxi cosi cabriofix car seat and need to buy a pushchair soon which I can use from birth and also faces the parent.

Please can anyone let me know which pushchair fits this carseat. I'll start the list off!

Thank you!

Quinny Buzz
Some mothercare brands

EyeballsintheSky Thu 10-Sep-09 09:12:28

iCandy Apple and Cherry

MrsBadger Thu 10-Sep-09 09:13:43

why do you need to be able to put the carseat on it?
if it's suitable form birth and faces the parent what advantage does the carseat confer?

better to leave it in the car and lie the baby flat IMO

Groovystyle Thu 10-Sep-09 11:20:04

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

unluckyfriedkitten Thu 10-Sep-09 11:27:16

Car seats belong in cars. Babies should not be in them at other times. They should be laid flat in a pram (or held in a carrier if you're into that)

EyeballsintheSky Thu 10-Sep-09 11:50:30

With respect, that isn't what the op is asking...

BertieBotts Thu 10-Sep-09 12:08:48

I agree about the carseat issue, not wanting to use it on the buggy base and I bought an incomatible carseat and buggy for this reason, but I really regretted it! I don't drive and there were occasions when I took the bus somewhere and was offered a lift home but couldn't take it, without a carseat on me! The same for getting a lift/taxi somewhere but the bus back. I love slings but I don't consider them an acceptable (or legal!) substitute for a car seat.

This would have been very occasional use and I would have taken the baby out frequently for cuddles and to get their oxygen saturation levels up again but I would have found it so useful - you don't know why the OP wants a compatible carseat on their buggy, don't assume they are the kind of person who wants to dump their baby in a carseat and move it from pushchair to car to living room floor without so much as a cuddle all day.

BertieBotts Thu 10-Sep-09 12:11:46

Oops that was a bit fierce.. it was meant in a friendly way blush

OP, I recommend the Loola Up, a good buggy for the money, especially at the moment as they are reduced everywhere. (Rebranding) See the other current thread on them, I'm not typing out my mammoth review again grin

kalo12 Thu 10-Sep-09 12:12:06

i had a buggy and compatible car seat and i never used it like this once. could not envisage one situation where would be useful now.

i had a mountain buggy and it is fab.

friends who have had quinny and icandy hated them btw.

i think getting the poushchair that is right for you is much more important than compatible carseat imo

MrsBadger Thu 10-Sep-09 12:15:53

no I wasn;t assuming that, btu unlike you wink the OP doesn;t say WHY they want it

a lot of people think they need a travel system specifically because a) the buggy bit isn;t suitable from birth and b) the baby can face them in the carseat

but with a rear-facing pram that's suitable from birth I'm not sure how the OP would benefit from putting the carseat on.

llareggub Thu 10-Sep-09 12:20:39

Because it is handy. I often stop at the shop on the way back from dropping DS at pre-school. If I transferred DS2 into his lie-flat pram then he'd wake up. This way he gets to nap and probably remains in the carseat for a whole 10 minutes more than the journey would have taken.

When we get home I transfer him out of the carseat and into his crib where he usually wakes up, then settles.

It is very handy IMO but not a replacement for a lie-flat pram.

kalo12 Thu 10-Sep-09 12:21:00

mountain buggy is compatible by the way, and it has a carry cot. the whole thing is so easy to move and put up and down etc so car seat never needed to be used as pram

nicm Thu 10-Sep-09 12:28:57

the teutonia range have maxi cosi adaptors and they are all parent facing prams. we have the spirit s3 and love it.

unluckyfriedkitten Thu 10-Sep-09 12:30:19

The OP may not have asked...but IMO it's important they know that car seats should not be used unless absolutely in a car.

GirlsAreLOud Thu 10-Sep-09 12:33:36

hmm at the buggy police. It's been said once about the safety of leaving baby's in carseats, no need to labour the point.

I like the Loola meself.

tinierclanger Thu 10-Sep-09 12:38:47

Although in other ways a great buggy, I didn't like the way the Maxi-Cosi clipped on our iCandy Cherry. It never felt very secure.

ElectricElephant Thu 10-Sep-09 12:41:17

DON'T buy a Buzz, they're awful unwieldy massive things that are wider than a double buggy!!

SabsBigPants Thu 10-Sep-09 13:56:30

Thanks to everyone for their comments, much appreciated smile

BTW I definately know about the hazards of keeping a baby in a carseat for longer than 2 hours, its only because Ive been told that if the baby did happen to fall asleep in the car seat on the way to a quick trip to the shops, its easier to transfer the carseat to the pushchair rather than taking the baby out.

I am a first-time mum blush but have been around plenty of mums and babies to know what to do and not to do - well obviously not everything! But thanks again for your advice anyway.

electricelephant one of the other reasons ive started this thread is because im totally in love with the quinny buzz but DH thinks it will be too heavy for me to carry to and from the car...

ElectricElephant Thu 10-Sep-09 14:18:40

SabsBigPants - I ignored all warnings of it being too heavy/big to get in the car, wish I hadn't now! It's also a bit of a pig to fold (easy to unfold though)

I also found it very very difficult to get the car seat on and off the frame, you need to hold down both buttons at the side AND lift it off at the same time. Really tricky.

It doesn't fit through doorways

It creaks when it's more than 2 months old (and mine was well looked after)

The front wheel is too small and ends up sticking in a sideways position when you're going round shops

Oh, and DD didn't fit in it from about 15 months.

If you REALLY want the buzz, it is good for off-roading (my parents have mine now and use it for long walks in the country with the dogs when they have DD)

Sorry for this, but as you may be able to tell, I HATE the thing grin

ElectricElephant Thu 10-Sep-09 14:22:06

Sorry, meant to add about the mechanism for taking the car seat off - try it out in the shop - put something about 12lb in the carseat and try and get it off the Buzz. If you can manage that, then it's obviously something wrong that I was doing.

MrsBadger Thu 10-Sep-09 14:43:48

I often think people would buy very different pushchairs/carseats if Mothercare, JL etc had baby- and toddler-weight sacks of potatoes available for testing in them...

kalo12 Thu 10-Sep-09 15:07:37

on the rare occasion that the baby was asleep whilst i wanted to go to the shops i would either recline my own car seat and sleep myself, or take the car seat in to supermarket and put that on a trolley, or transfer baby to carrycot and he would fall back to sleep in seconds in the comfort of the mountain buggy

llareggub Thu 10-Sep-09 15:18:03

I have a buzz and am using it with DS2. I used it with DS1 until he was about 12 months or so when he started walking. We pretty much stopped using the buggy then unless we were out shopping for the day when I used it as a handy shopping trolley or somewhere for him to nap.

Even at nearly 3 years old he doesn't weigh much and I've never found it heavy or difficult to push, but then I've never really pushed a toddler in it. I have a hip carrier which got used with him once he was walking.

DS2 is now in the dreami carrycot on the buzz and again it is fine. I find it very easy to turn, fold, lift, carry etc. Most of my friends have them and they haven't reported any major issues with it either. There is a definite knack to getting the carseat on and off the wheels but I don't put it on the wheels that often.

So there you go. Two very different opinions!

ElectricElephant Thu 10-Sep-09 15:21:06

mmm, interesting

I will admit that for the first couple of months with the dreami it was excellent, but as soon as we switched to the seat it was just unmanageable to for me. I wonder why that is, how strange
maybe i'm just a weakling grin

trixymalixy Thu 10-Sep-09 15:26:47

I have the micralite toro and really like it. I use my maxi cosi seat with it fairly regularly and it is good to have that option although lying flat is better for a newborn.

The quinny buzz was far too heavy for me when I tried it in the shop.

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