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p&t vibe question(s)

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swottybetty Mon 07-Sep-09 23:04:56

yeee-ha! i have my vibe.

just a couple of questions. stuff you'd think the manual would answer if P&T weren't so darn obsessed with producing the teensiest tiniest instructions.

does it fold with the doubles seat on the top (for the newborn/ toddler positioning)? i'd blithley assumed it would do but the instructions say nothing about this.

what do i do with my plastic back flap? -- again tsk that the instructions are not forthcoming --- with my second e3 i just velcro it on, but here i am perplexed.

finally, how do i secure the cocoon?


mamakim Mon 07-Sep-09 23:13:05

I had the vibe but sold it. It does fold with double on. The plastic bit attaches to the toggles on the hood. The cocoon also attaches with toggles, we never bothered however.

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