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Thinking of buying a bebe confort/maxi cosi loola for a 1yr old how good r they?

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littlemissm Thu 03-Sep-09 22:50:55

Hi have just sold my silver cross linear as baby has outgrown it & i dont want a stroller as i want a pushchair to last a few more yrs i have seen the loola on sale & was thinking of getting 1 as i really like them any1 know anything about them

laneyjay Fri 04-Sep-09 10:06:20

Fold up well, compact, fairly lightweight. New model has bonus of linked handle bar, reversible seat, compatible with creatis car seat - just clips in or buy adapters for maxi cosi about £30. Great if you are just doing around town, not so great on uneven surfaces.

nicolamumof3 Fri 04-Sep-09 13:41:41

no no no HEAVY is the only word!

lecohen Fri 04-Sep-09 16:10:17

hiya, have only really heard bad reviews - I was thinking of getting one at one point but will not consider it now

BertieBotts Tue 08-Sep-09 12:00:37

The Loola is not very good. The Loola Up however is fab and I love it. The swivel is easy to get to, it lies flat for sleeping, it takes a buggy board well, the seat is large and seems comfortable, it has reversible fabrics which means you get breathable in summer but cosy in winter, it also feels like you have a new buggy every 6 months so when the novelty of a new colour has worn off you get to change it around again! I love the rearfacing option, it's easy to push, it folds down small for a rearfacing/flat-lying buggy. I was considering getting a spare set of covers for when I washed it but no need as it washes fine at 40 and dries really fast, even indoors. I have the choco/cream colour and it has stayed nice and cream because it is so easy to wash.

I will also tell you the negatives because I always read the negative reviews to see how much the negatives will annoy me! The only negatives with the Loola Up are (IMO):

- Heavy when folded (fine for putting into car as you can fold frame and seat separately and they are light separately, or put into car folded together as it's not very far to lift. But bad if you use public transport which require buggies to be folded. Our buses don't so I haven't had an issue.)

- Does not fold with hood in place

- Raincover slightly fiddly (but not that bad)

- It has a weird harness which makes doing it up when baby/toddler is having a strop quite difficult, because instead of clipping in one side at a time you have to hold the two sides together to put them into the clip. (I do it up in the 3-point position, put DS in and then attach the straps at the waist to make it back into a 5-point harness) Also as the seat in its most upright position isn't 100% upright I ended up adding reins to the D-rings to use as a second harness. So I now use the reins when DS is awake and looking around and the normal straps when I want him to go to sleep, otherwise he tends to fall asleep resting on the bumper bar!!

Absolute best way to test it is to go somewhere which sells them and has them on display, put your baby/toddler into it and have a go pushing it around the shop.

sazm Wed 09-Sep-09 21:02:50

i also have one,just bought it for my 9mo,
its great,(and sorry to annoy you again bertie but it does fold with the hood on)

i didnt feel the seat unit was all that big i did expect it to be bigger, i would try your lo in one before you buy,

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