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Jane Pro Twin and a Mutsy single pram - Advice needed on car seat...

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laurawantsababy Wed 02-Sep-09 18:15:10

I am due with dc in January, dd will be 18mo. I have just bought a 2nd hand Jane Power Twin and already a Mutsy pram/pushchair which I will also keep.

My issue is - Shall I get a new car seat to fit the Jane or a Maxi Cosi that will fit the Mutsy?? I am thinking in terms of it being winter not having to lug the baby out of the seat and into the pram.

If you have an 18mo and a baby did you use a single or double more??

Thanks smile

sazm Wed 02-Sep-09 23:50:14

personally i would get a maxi cosi (which i have) as its the safest,
it also depends on how much of a walker your eldest is,
my ds walked most places at 18m and i only used the double when i was going away all day,
my dd is 3 and a half and some days i could be doing with a double for her!if i had to walk far everyday it would be a nightmare!!!


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