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kiddicare/faulty pram question!

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lydiathetattooedlady Sun 30-Aug-09 21:29:18

have also posted this in chat as need a quick response!
ok, ds born july 7th, so is 8 weeks tomorrow. we have an out'n'about nipabout travel system that we're having a few problems with.
1 one of the buttons that you press on either side to get seat/carrycot off has snapped off, you can still get the carrycot off but have to put your finger inside the mechanism. we're just a little dubious on how safe this now is.
2to fold it you have to slide 2 tab thingies up on either side of the handle. one of these is now sticking, sometimes not even budging and is proving very difficult to fold.
we brought it from kiddicare, but it was the last one as they weren't stocking it anymore so sold as seen but with a 6 month quarantee starting from my due date. given that we have a 6 month guarantee is this the type of thing that falls under the guarantee?? really not impressed as i mainly use a sling so its not as if it has had a lot of use. are kiddicare reasonable with returns? what would they do as they dont stock the pushchair anymore?

nicolamumof3 Mon 31-Aug-09 07:39:05

yes its broken so should be covered.

MumTo3Boyz Sun 13-Sep-09 10:31:12

Did you get your pushchair sorted? I live about 3 miles from kiddicare and visit there quite regularly. The staff in there have always been extremely helpful and the guy that works in the service department is lovely. I would imagine they would try and fix your pushchair and failing to do that I think they would have to give you a refund. Its probably just a simple case of replacing the broken parts but contact them and see what they say.

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