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Help needed! Out n about nipper or mountain buggy?

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Nicky79 Sat 29-Aug-09 22:49:29

I have a big 2 year old, I've been looking for ages! This week I am going to buy one! Can anyone tell me which is the better/bigger(seat) of the 2? Please. x

unluckyfriedkitten Sat 29-Aug-09 23:13:11

Never heard of a nipper but we have a mountain buggy urban and love it. Lovely and easy to push one handed on the street and can cope with the roughest terrain we have round here. DS (now 5) stopped using it when he was about 3.5ish...but we've dug it out again so DH & I can go out running together. His legs are bit long but he's finding it really comfortable again, despite his 3.5 stone frame grin

nicolamumof3 Sun 30-Aug-09 06:53:55

I bought a nipper in March for my then 20m old as i couldn't bring myself to splash out on mb. i loved it, it was great. So so light, it will spoil you forever as it weights about the same as a maclaren xt. the seat is slightly laid back but this is true of most three wheelers my 3yr old fitted in it too, his head was almost touching the hood but he fitted in it fine and loved it. i always recommend them great pushchairs. i had to sell mine as DS3 hated laid back seat and rever to a maclaren which isn't nearly as nice to push.

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