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The Maclaren is falling apart, help me choose something new

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giddykipper Sun 23-Aug-09 17:33:23

DS is 2.3yo and our Maclaren is falling apart. Main problem I think is that it gets used a lot off road and it's not up to it.

So can you expert ladies help me find a replacement please?

Key requisites:
- light
- easy to fold up
- small when folded
- good for off road
- equally good on roads (but this shouldn't be a problem)
- suitable for a heavy child - DS currently 37lbs which I have just noticed is above the Maclaren weight limit

Any ideas? Price isn't really an issue but I suppose it's only going to be used for about another year max so I don't want to go mad.

nicolamumof3 Sun 23-Aug-09 18:55:44

if you want offroad for a heavier child i'd go for a mountain buggy. loved my nipper also it is really light but not sure on weight limit. if you want an off road pushchair with air tyres none are particularly smally when folded but so much easier to push with an older child.

giddykipper Sun 23-Aug-09 21:21:17

I've just started to realise this nicola, they might be light but they are all still pretty bulky when folded, aren't they.

Is the Quinny Zapp any good do you know?

nicolamumof3 Mon 24-Aug-09 06:35:08

I have had two zapps, i really liked the first, but wasn't so keen on the second one which i had in the new 09 colours, it felt flimsy. i def can't see it any good being ok over rough ground as it rattles alot on normal pavements. they are a fab occasional pushchair but wouldn't use one for everyday.

turtle23 Mon 24-Aug-09 06:46:43

If it's of any use to you I am getting rid of a Jane Powertrack 360 which is really ONLY good for bigger toddlers. Its red and in vgc and am getting rid of it as I am pg with my second and bought a P+T instead. It has tyres and is fab for all terrain.

basl Mon 24-Aug-09 10:15:19

turtle how much are you selling the jane for. thanks

turtle23 Mon 24-Aug-09 15:37:56

£50. Have pix if you're interested.

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