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Lightweight city buggy recommendations?

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staranise Sun 23-Aug-09 15:27:19

I need a new lightweight stroller after mine has just broken. We have a P&T which is a real state and I hate it so want to use it less and less. I have a 5 year old, 3 year old and 9 month old so the buggy is for the baby but as we have a 2 mile round trip to school it needs to take a buggy board as well (I have the standard lascal one i think).

I'd also prefer it if:
-Had a bar ie, could be pushed one-handed
-was reasonalby narrow, small so as to fit into our little house
-could fit on a (London) bus easily
-Don't want to spend more than £150, happy to buy second-hand
-I prefer 3-wheelers but don't go off-road very often
-I rarely drive so folding up etc not too important
-It doesn't have to take a car seat/carry-cot etc

Any recommendations? I've had a Maxi 3-in-1, a Cosatto stroller and a P&T. Have an irrational dislike of maclarens, not sure why. I was thinking a BJCM might fit the bill, would you recommend them? Thanks!

branhasnocommentfortheDM Sun 23-Aug-09 15:37:08

I love my BJCM but it's best feature is the easy fold for shoving in the back of the car which is the thing that you don't need. It's nice to push if you're tall or like a fairly high handle, Maclarens always used to give me backache. A one-handed push is not quite as easy as with a proper off-roader like my old Urban Detour or a Mountain Buggy, but it's certainly possible which is more than you can say for a Maclaren.

I've never taken it on a bus, in fact I've never been on a bus with a pushchair at all, it seems so difficult that I'd rather walk. I've never tried a buggy board with it either, so hopefully somebody will be along who has. I'm also not sure what a child would hold onto if on a buggy board and whether he would bump his head on the handle. You would probably have to just try it.

It's not all that narrow at the back, it's certainly small enough to get through any door but you do have to pay a bit of attention. I would say it's about the same width as a P&T.

staranise Sun 23-Aug-09 16:28:17

Thanks, I definitely want one with a high handle but would also like to to be narrow... it seems you always have to compromise somewhere...

Thanks for the advice smile

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