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please help me price up my Maclaren XT

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mum2GKH Sat 22-Aug-09 17:33:02

Going to sell my XT in grey. It's the 2008 model and has the grey comfort pack. Raincover unused and still in packaging. Have the box for posting. Was thinking of ebaying or selling on mumsnet but have no idea what to expect to get second hand. Thanks.

Fluffypoms Sun 23-Aug-09 00:34:50

Hi, I sold my xt double on ebay and got £100
which was good as oe of adjustable straps was broken.

maybe put a reserve of lowest you will take.

nicolamumof3 Sun 23-Aug-09 08:04:39

You should get at least £100 best idea of price is to check completed ebay listings. all depends on wheel wear and the condition, if its very good you will get more they always sell well.

EyeballsintheSky Sun 23-Aug-09 10:39:21

Blimey, I undersold mine then. Rats!

Fluffypoms Sun 23-Aug-09 11:34:21

What did you get for yours eyeball?


EyeballsintheSky Sun 23-Aug-09 11:39:51

I got £100 but with a spare comfort pack and the XT footmuff. It sold straight away.

mum2GKH Sun 23-Aug-09 12:15:34

Thanks for all the advice. Have a brand new XT footmuff still in the packet, is it best to list this separately?

nicolamumof3 Sun 23-Aug-09 18:24:03

I'd sell seperate and hold off til next month too.

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