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Stroller for £20ish?

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ItsNotOnlyTheGoodBits Fri 21-Aug-09 17:24:26

Is there a stroller on the market that costs around £20-£30? We are going away for a few days and a cheap stoller will be very useful. It will save me taking the big thing that we currently have. thanks

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 21-Aug-09 17:25:40

I have one you can have.

It is in good condition, is a Maclaren but I don't have a raincover for it.

ItsNotOnlyTheGoodBits Fri 21-Aug-09 17:33:35

Oh great - whereabouts are you FB?

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 21-Aug-09 17:35:54


EldonAve Fri 21-Aug-09 17:36:38

tesco or asda - about £15

ItsNotOnlyTheGoodBits Fri 21-Aug-09 17:42:17

Oh hadn't thought of tesco or asda - thanks EA.

FBG - thanks for your offer will check out the other two places and then might get back to you. Would rather not inconvenience you if there is a cheap one going.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 21-Aug-09 17:43:55

No worries.

Be happy for you if you can get a maclaren for £20.

ItsNotOnlyTheGoodBits Fri 21-Aug-09 18:05:54

Oh I'm not kidding myself that I'll be able to get a Mac for £20. I just need a really basic cheap stroller as Baby GoodBits is three and doesn't use his buggy at all now. But seeing as we will be out all day on holiday I thought it would be nice to have something he can have a bit of a rest in now and then.

Have just ordered a really basic cheapy one from Tesco. Tbh I would feel a bit guilty about taking your Mac, as they are good buggies and I think someone in more need will get more use out of it.

Thanks grin

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 21-Aug-09 18:08:39

No worries

1legmummy Tue 25-Aug-09 00:05:56

Hi having a nightmare trying to find puchchair for a holiday.

Does your Mac have a hood and a basket?


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