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basl Fri 21-Aug-09 17:24:15

I have the bjce and need a holiday stroller. I keep coming back to the city mini and wish i had both. I am trying to think of the pros for getting another one. I like all black but obsessed by buggy liners and seem drawn to the m&P beat buggy in indigo but i think the baby jogger is better quality. Can someone help me decide. We are going to tenerife. thanks

NormaSknockers Fri 21-Aug-09 18:02:40

I wish I hadn't sold mine....hence why I bought another!

basl Fri 21-Aug-09 18:06:29

thanks norma i always rely on your opinion hence the purchase of the lovley elite. thanks

pebbles79 Fri 21-Aug-09 18:47:37

Hmmm, I did like mine but I didn't love it. I think the only thing that I really liked was the fold TBH. I don't like the strap recline, the harness is a bit weird and I felt that I couldn't steer straight with one hand when holding DS2's hand.

basl Fri 21-Aug-09 21:28:38

pebbles those where all the things i found a bit off with the bjcm. I have the elite which i love for the air tyres but i sometimes wonder if it is just the air tyres. I do not like the strap recline but the harness on the elite is fab. I can steer this better with one hand. This has given me alot to think about. What pushchair would you recommend. thanks

pebbles79 Fri 21-Aug-09 21:45:20

It all depends really basl, what's your requirements? Do you need air tyres, do you do alot of offroading? How old is your DS? Do you have a small car and need a small folding pushchair? Do you need to hold another LO's hand whilst pushing?

basl Fri 21-Aug-09 22:03:34

pebbles the thing is i walk dd to nursery every day on the worst path ever. I had the bebecar ? with big bouncy wheels and never bothered till i had to move on to stroller. I tried the m&p pulse and it was rickity and then chico multiway as it was the which No2 and then then while waiting on the bjcm i used an old beat buggy from argos and it was good. That is the only time i need a good suspension. I got the bjce and yes the ride to school is great but i do wonder if all the extras are not required. I can't even get it out my front door without removing the front wheel. Hubby hates it for it's size and does not understand why i need such a big pushchair. Also dd will not hold my hand as she almost runs to nursery. My ds is 1yrs and big but not too big to fit into an obaby atlas which i believe is narrow. What do you think and thanks for taking the time to listen to my drivel.

pebbles79 Fri 21-Aug-09 22:14:16

I think any of the Jane prams are excellent quality. I had a Jane Nomad (and a Powertwin) and the Nomad has a lovely big seat without being a heavy pram (only 6.5kg). The Jane Slalom has good reviews too I think. They can work out quite expensive brand new but are so hardwearing I would have no problem picking one up second hand. The Nomad had hard wheels but felt like I was pushing something with air filled wheels. I think I will probably end up with another, only sold as I bought one that wasn't particularly girly and didn't actually like DD forward facing at the time.

5inthebed Fri 21-Aug-09 22:23:33

I miss mine Basl. I wish I hadn't sold it sad

basl Fri 21-Aug-09 23:11:23

pebbles the nomad sounds like my perfect stroller. I know it is not the most stunning to look at but for that school run that is all i require. I wish i knew about this before i bought the elite. Does it manovere well? Is it heavy on steering? I really think i may consider selling the elite and getting one and still have enough to get the bjcm for the car.

pebbles79 Fri 21-Aug-09 23:15:09

It's really lovely to push and will last until you don't need a buggy any more, I'd definitely recommend it. All fabrics are removable and go into the machine too which is really handy. The only downfall is that it's big folded, although not heavy.

basl Fri 21-Aug-09 23:26:38

Ohh i am so mad with myself that i have gone to this stage of buying the elite which don't get me wrong is fab. It cost £280 and hubby goes crazy when he whatches me trying to get it out the door. The sun hood is amazing and that i would miss but sure i could sort something out. It is the wide seat and the suspension i want. The recline does not bother me as it will sit up in my porch as the elite does. I really only use the elite to walk nursery there and back 4 times and i have gone on the bus with it and not had too much trouble but i just wonder if it is a bit more than i need. I saw the carbon one which i like. My husband did like the bjcm so maybe a second hand nomad and a new city mini. what do you think and thanks so much for helping me with this. I am so excited. Oh what do you think to the energy

pebbles79 Fri 21-Aug-09 23:28:48

Haven't had the energy but it's just a stroller and I like proper prams lol. If I was going to get a Jane stroller I'd probably go for the Sonic.

AvadaKedavra Sat 22-Aug-09 10:10:43

I miss my BJCM( which was Pebbles' BJCM lol) I loved being able to fold it like that and also being able to push one handed.

buggylovinmummy Sat 22-Aug-09 18:13:25

Ive just sold my BJCM and brought a black maclaren xt(today), im hoping i dont miss it but like pebbles said little things were starting to niggle me about it like the recline, harness and it is wider than a normal stroller and i kept getting the back wheels stuck on stuff in the shops with narrow aisles.

buggylovinmummy Sat 22-Aug-09 18:13:50

Only thing i really loved was the fold

AvadaKedavra Sat 22-Aug-09 18:31:14

I didn't keep it long enough for things to niggle me I reckon lol

buggylovinmummy Sat 22-Aug-09 18:42:54

Ava how long did you have it for?

AvadaKedavra Sat 22-Aug-09 22:30:01

I don't know tbh, about 2 months tops, it was about 5 buggies ago now blush

AvadaKedavra Sat 22-Aug-09 22:30:08

I don't know tbh, about 2 months tops, it was about 5 buggies ago now blush

buggylovinmummy Sat 22-Aug-09 22:45:01

I only had mine for that long too. Its in the box now all ready to be posted on monday.

basl Sat 22-Aug-09 23:15:58

Oh buggylovinmummy i almost sold mine to you remember. I think they look great but i am agreeing with everyone now about the little niggly things.

maxybrown Sun 23-Aug-09 09:21:43

hey, I don't have one but fancied trying one and this has helped me so thanks grin really, it is the fold. If it didn't fold like that it is just a bog standard pushchair isn't it? I have visions of myself in the street forcing DS out (not that that would take much force grin) just so I can keep folding it up gringrin

buggylovinmummy Sun 23-Aug-09 09:45:22

Yes basl i did nearly buy yours. Im glad i tried one otherwise i would have kept wondering what they were like.

maxy it is the fold, i folded mine up loads when i first got it just because it was so good grin

maxybrown Sun 23-Aug-09 09:49:24

Yes, secretly I KNOW that is the only reason I want one.

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