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August Pushchair Thread Part 2 - :)

(826 Posts)
mumofdjandbabies Sat 15-Aug-09 21:54:30

mumofdjandbabies Sat 15-Aug-09 21:55:27

cooooooeeeeeeee anyone here? grin

BexieID Sat 15-Aug-09 21:57:17

Just for you Krissy [groin] grin

5inthebed Sat 15-Aug-09 22:00:30


I can't believe that frog sold for £55!

mumofdjandbabies Sat 15-Aug-09 22:00:34

aw bexie you remembered [groin] ALL THE WAY gringringringrin

mumofdjandbabies Sat 15-Aug-09 22:01:00


guys what p and t is this? x

what worth?

sweetkitty Sat 15-Aug-09 22:01:27

just sticking this in active convos

pebbles79 Sat 15-Aug-09 22:03:10

I know, it had literally just been listed! I wouldn't normally buy something and then ask if they'd let me arrange a courier but I was willing to take the risk with that, lol!

5inthebed Sat 15-Aug-09 22:05:38

That looks like a clasic one to me, but I'm not a P&T fan. I'd bid on it if you really wanted itthough. Not many people would be online now.

basl Sat 15-Aug-09 22:09:03

dis how are you liking your pink beat buggy. I am thinking of getting the indigo blue one.

mumofdjandbabies Sat 15-Aug-09 22:26:44

is a maclaren techno xt what nicolca likes guys?

5inthebed Sat 15-Aug-09 22:33:03

It is. You wanting to get one?

maxybrown Sat 15-Aug-09 22:33:27

I just finished reading the last 5in. The Mutsy rain cover bugged me too in RF mode. I am hopefully having someone collect my Mac in the morning....happened very quickly so not sure done the right thing now!! I still want a silver cross linear for a RF for winter.

I am feeling soooooooooooooo fed up tonight sad

DH (who is lovely lovely BTW) is trying to stop smoking (he doesn't ever ever smoke in house) and is taking champix. We know about all the reports before anyone says, and he isn't showing signs of suicide or anything, but he's not himself and I feel so bloomin lonely as usually he's lovely. It is horrid being in the house at the min sad

horsemadgal Sat 15-Aug-09 22:34:48

shock at the £55 Bugaboo!

mumofdjandbabies Sat 15-Aug-09 22:35:41

no its just I see them and they dont look THAT special whats nice about them blush

5inthebed Sat 15-Aug-09 22:36:27

Aww Maxi, big hugs to you. I've never heard of that before, so don't know the ins and outs of it. Does it have a good success rate?

pebbles79 Sat 15-Aug-09 22:46:50

I have a Bubblegum Ziko coming on Monday - wonder if I'll like it, lol. Was a bit of an impulse drunken buy.

AvadaKedavra Sat 15-Aug-09 22:46:53

shock at the £55 Frog too damn I NEVER see bargains like that!! I wonder though if it was a mistake and they realised and BIN themselves??

<must search newly listed BINS>

maxybrown Sat 15-Aug-09 22:48:09

Yes very good apparently. I'm so incredibly fed up. He is my best friend and he's not being funny WITH me IYSWIM just is being funny peculiar for him. So it's a bit like your best friend is being off with you......he's just come over and given me a hug because I was upset and I let him read what I've just written. It's like he is detached from everything around him....not in a spaced out way...

maxybrown Sat 15-Aug-09 22:49:25

sorry....completely off topic, misery guts I am!

FlyMeToDunoon Sat 15-Aug-09 22:49:36

Hello guys.

AvadaKedavra Sat 15-Aug-09 22:54:47

I know what you mean Maxy, my hubby chnged for a while when he started on his Epilepsy meds, nobody else but me would have known but he WAS different and it was very upsetting to see him change. luckily they fiddled the meds and he was himslef soon enough, couple of weeks.

maxybrown Sat 15-Aug-09 23:00:43

Thanks AK. Thing is I know that giving up smoking can cause all sorts of changes. I know people have returned back when tablets have stopped. Just a shock!!!

basl Sat 15-Aug-09 23:16:47

maxybrown i feel for you my sister has had the same senario. It did get much better and her hubby has never looked back. It is a really hard time and i am sure it is so awfull for your dh as well i bet he feels alone too. I think he sounds very brave and you sound like you are very supportive so good luck x

maxybrown Sat 15-Aug-09 23:28:47

Thanks basl.....sometimes I feel silly saying things on here, but it really does help. What did we do before the internet eh? x

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