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Cheap, lightweight buggies - recommendations?

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BertieBotts Sat 15-Aug-09 09:10:56

I have a Loola Up which I use a lot and I love, but as it's heavy when folded I am thinking it's time to get a lightweight buggy to use on those bus trips which involve folding it down, and holidays etc. I want to keep using the Loola Up as I love the rearfacing aspect and it seems nice and comfy, so I'm not looking for anything for regular use.

My criteria is basically that it is light and easy to carry around, cheap - definitely under £100, preferably under about £70, and I would quite like nice colours as well, black, grey, navy blue etc are boring. And not pink!

A bonus would be hood and raincover included (but it would have to fold with the hood on, on the Loola you have to take it off which is annoying) and I would quite like a decent recline but as long as it seems comfortable to sleep in I'm not too worried. Last unimportant point is that I'm not a fan when buggies in their most upright position are sloped quite far back AND the harness is such that you have to rein their arms in and pin them to the seat so they can't look around. This is one thing I'm not too keen on with the Loola so I just use reins as a harness for that unless DS looks like he is falling asleep.

Hope I'm not asking the impossible!

lecohen Sat 15-Aug-09 13:27:17

hmmmm...not sure on all your criteria BUT I always recommend a Combi flash - lightweight and good recline...not the best quality fabrics but mine has lasted 3 years and still going strong despite its flimsy feel.

MamaVoo Sat 15-Aug-09 20:17:09

I have a Chicco ct 0.6 for keeping in the car as it's so lightweight to get in and out of the boot. It was about £50. We have it in yellow but I think it comes in other colours. It has a hood and raincover. My son also likes to look around and he's sat nice and upright and not pinned down by the straps.

The only thing is it doesn't recline very much at all (only 2 seat positions). My Ds seems comfy in it though and can sleep in it.

Deemented Sun 16-Aug-09 15:06:17

I have a gorgeous lilac Obaby which i love.

nappyaddict Fri 21-Aug-09 02:48:03

Is the Loola Up heavy to push, tip up kerbs or difficult to steer?

My fave buggies are:

M&P pulse

Britax Nexus

M&P Nipi

nicolamumof3 Sat 22-Aug-09 15:04:16

maclaren quest, every time for your budget you may have to buy secondhand tho new is worth it as you get lifetime warranty.

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